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Sunday, October 3, 2010

WTF??? Part ll

Can't people read? I post a Quick Connect ad CLEARLY stating that I want to meet at their place, and that all I want is to get blown. This is what I get from two different respondants:, "Can you host?" (Uh, no, that's why it says 'Your place') and "Will you fuck me bare"? (Uh, no, that's why I wrote that all I want is a BLOWJOB!!!!!!!!!)


  1. How about all those versatile guys that only wanna bottom,,,, but they say they are versatile really.

  2. That is normal buddy, get used to it. People are just so worried about their needs these days and rush into business without paying much attention. In my blog, I stated very clearly: I dont Skype, dont use Facebook, dont C2C, dont whatever, and some people still ask: can I have your skype? I can't find ur facebook profile, Can we chat? when u free to MSN? I simply dont understand which part of I DON'T they don't understand. Good luck with ur ad, anyways. Eventually someone WILL read the message before posting a response.