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Saturday, November 6, 2010

1 party + 1/2 Viagara = 2 loads in 2 new holes

Went to a dungeon party on Fri nite, and had a great time. When I got there, I ran into two of my friends, one of whom I'd never fucked before. As we were undressing to go into the play room, I reminded him of our online conversation about me breeding him. By this time, my other friend was on his knees sucking cock in the dressing room. He was sucking me, my bud, and a few others. by now I was totally hard, and ready to fuck me new bud. He was totally up for it, so as soon as we entered the playroom, he asked if I wanted to load him up. He bent over a bench, handed me the lube, and told me to fuck him. I entered him, and his hole felt great. He told me to go slowly since I was his first fuck of the evening. I fucked him gently for a while, and he told me he wanted to be on his back. I pulled out, he rolled over, I reentered. By this time, a few people had gathered to watch. I began to fuck quickly, knowing I was close. ( I love an audience.) As I was fucking, I told him I was close. He said rather loudly, "Breed me" I pumped a few more times, and let loose a volley of thick sperm. I pulled out, thanked him, and walked around. I had taken 1/2 Viagra, so my cock never really went down. I walked around, taking in the sights, when I saw a group of men taking turns blowing each other. I walked over to check it out, and one of the guys who was getting blown in the dressing room went down on me. This guy had incredible cocksucking skills, and it was difficult to hold of shooting again, while feeling his mouth on my cock, some other guy stroking my ass, my hand feeling someone's balls, and my eyes taking in all the cocksucking around me. Just as I thought I was gonna shoot, my cocksucker pulled off, stood up, turned around and grabbed my cock to put in his hole. He was warm and wet, and within about ten strokes, I was unloading deep inside him. I pulled out and while he tried to clean my cock, it was way too sensitive to be touched. I went into the lavatory, cleaned up, and left.


  1. A very hot party. You were the stud.

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