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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Recap of the Past Week

Last Saturday, I got hit up by a bud of mine on m4sn. I hadn't seen Marc in a while, and was glad to get a shot at his hole. I went over, plowed him good, dumped my load in him, thanked him, and came home. Easy, fast, simple.
Last nite a bud of mine hosted a gang breeding of two hot, tatted up bottoms. One of them I've fucked many times before, the other one was completely new to me. When I got to the house, the host said that the new bottom's hole was sloppy from all the cum in it. He'd shown up at the party with at least one load in him, and had taken several more. I went into the dungeon, found him in the sling and mounted him. I've never felt a hole like his. It was rockin. It felt very different from the other bottom's hole, but just as good in a different way; I don't know any other way to describe it. I plowed in and must've pumped for about five minutes before he began to ask for my load. Nothing gets me off more than a hole wanting my load, so I plunged as deeply as I could and unloaded deep in his guts.