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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Loads 100 - 102

Load 100 was kind of anticlimactic. I was going to a dungeon party that night, but had to go to a work party first. I had lots of fun at the work party, and drank a lot. I was on my way home, debating on whether or not to go to the party when my bud Marc called me up and asked if wanted a blow job. His place was on my way home, so I stopped by for a great blo and go. He had a few loads in him from earlier that evening, so I skewered his ass for a bit, but really wanted to nutt in his mouth. He's a great cocksucker, and milks my cock for all it's worth. It was an awesome orgasm.
Load 101 was given to an older neighbor of mine who loves taking my cock and load. I walked over on Sunday afternoon, and enjoyed a toe curling orgasm given to me by an older, very experienced man who takes his cocksucking very seriously.
Load 102 was dumped a few days ago at a new neighborhood glory hole. The guy claims to be 30 and I believe him since the building he lives in is known for its large population of young gay men. He as an ok cocksucker, not the best, but he was so eager for cum that I could feel his warm breath on my cock when I pulled all the way out of his mouth, and out of the hole.

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