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Thursday, December 16, 2010

New Hole!!

Went to a small party (10 guys) on Sunday evening, and when I walked in, I saw a hot, lean, muscular bottom in the living room. He was bent over, leaning against a wall, taking cock after cock up his ass. He's talked to me on bbrts, but we've never hooked up. As he's getting plowed, I ask the top if he's cum yet. The bottom answers, "No, but he's really close." Sure enough, the top starts shooting right about then. He pulls out and I slide in. What a great hole!! Smooth, slick, and cum loaded. I give him a few thrusts and pull out. He asks why, and I tell him I don't want to shoot yet. He tries to convince me, but I am steadfast. I tried out the host's hole, a cute, 35 yr old Latino. Again, a nice, slick hole. I pound my friend Marc for a bit. Nice hole. Then I try out another new guy, who's got a great hole. I sample his hole three or four times, then decide it's time to dump. I go into the bedroom, and the lean, muscular bottom is face down on the bed, getting fucked by a bud of mine. He starts pumping hard, shoots, and pulls out. That's my signal to jump on. I slide my cock in with one fluid motion and begin to enjoy the ecstasy that is this guy's hole. I slide in and out, savoring the feeling of his chute enveloping my rod. I revel in the sensation of three other cum loads lubricating my cock as it approaches its nirvana. As I get closer and closer, I lean in to his ear and tell him I'm going to shoot. With that, he begins to squeeze and loosen his hole. He pushes me over the edge, and as I'm sliming him with my seed, begin to kiss his neck and mouth. What a ride. As I pull out, my friend Juan slides his cock in to enjoy a warm, cum filled hole. The bottom emails me the next day with his contact info telling me he's wanted my load for a long time, that he thinks my cock is beautiful, and that he'll take my load anytime I wanna give it to him. Looks like I may have found a new fuckbud.

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  1. Hot post, Love multple guys dumping there load in my large loose bald asshole.