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Monday, December 20, 2010

Night of the Living Exes

Well only one of the exes was mine, the other was my next door neighbor's. Here's the deal: I signed up for a party on a sex site, and when I got the address and name of the host, I realized it was a guy I dated kinda briefly back in the late 90s. We still speak to each other, and I worked with his then former boyfriend for one year, so we are kinda connected in multiple ways. Anyway, I get to the party, acknowledge the host, walk into the living room, and see my neighbor's ex sitting there on the couch. I was REALLY surprised because my neighbor is kind of a prim, goody goody kinda guy. Also sitting there was my favorite cumdump, whom I hadn't seen in a while. It was the first time I'd ever seen him fully clothed, and also the first time we'd ever had a real conversation. But, I knew that seeing former bfs, and conversation was not why I was at this party.
The action started when one of the guests came out of the bedroom wearing only underwear. A few of us decided to get naked, and then the fun began. I saw my fave cumdump drop his clothes and getting felt up by a few guys. I walked over to him and we began to kiss. I'd never kissed Brent before, but he's really good at it. As we're making out, the doorbell rings and my second favorite cumdump walks in. Perfect!! Anyway, we continue to make out when some guy begins to fuck Brent's hole. As we're making out, my ex comes up and starts kissing me. I back off Brent and focus on the ex. I feel a mouth on my cock, and when I look down, my neighbor's ex is sucking me off. This guy gives fantastic head. He alternates between me and the ex, and when he comes up for air, all three of us share a kiss. By now, the action is in full on mode, and I can't decide which hole to plug first. I decide to try my favorite cumdump first, and I'm not disappointed. As usual, hole is smooth, slick and made for loads. I pump for a bit, then pull out cuz it's WAY too early to cum. I then go over to my second favorite cumdump and pound him for a while. I then see my ex pounding a hot Latin hole, and want a turn on that hole. He won't pull out, and so I try to pound him instead. I get almost all the way in, and he's so smooth that I start to unload before I get in. As I'm unloading my neighbor's ex gets on his knees and I feed him the cum on my hand. Trust me when I say, I as not happy I unloaded that soon.
On to round two. I got hard again about 20 minutes later, and I saw my ex bent over sucking off or fucking my second fave cumdump. I came up behind him and slid into his hole. It was awesome. As I'm fucking him, I ask him if he wants my load. Cumdump says "Give it to him" but I can't shoot. I pull out and see cum all over cumdump 2's belly. I scoop it up, slather it on my cock and go into the bedroom where I see a hot Latin hole waiting to be filled. I slid in and was enamored by his slick chute. made even slicker by the cum coating my tool. I pumped away, and dumped my second load of the night in his hole. I cleaned up and went to meet some friends for a drink. I wonder if Latin bottom knew that my cock was covered with cum...


  1. luv your posts! travel regularly to the US and would luv to breed some of the guys you refer to. like fav. cumdump. is this guy on bbrt? my profile name is bigdick4you. like same type of holes as you, wet,silky and made to take loads. be a sport and give me profiles that i would enjoy fucking!

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