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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Another Party

Sunday, the day after the party in the previous post, was another party. I'd been to one of this guy's parties before, and had a great time. This time, there was a problem with the security system in the lobby, so only a few of the registered attendees showed up. No matter, though, cuz the host and some of the guests were fine. One of the guests was a fuck buddy of mine from about 10 years ago. We'd played steadily for about six months (although anal sex was never on the menu then) and then he got a boyfriend, so those shenanigans stopped. Since then, we've seen each other at parties over the past few months, and played before, but this night I was determined that I was gonna give him my load. He was bent over a table in the living room taking a nice, seven inch cock, when the guy banging him pulled out and let me try. I slowly eased in, enjoying the warm, enveloping walls of his chute. He took a hit of poppers, and really loosened up. I pumped him for a bit, but pulled out because I wanted this to last. By this time, a few more guests had arrived, so we were up to about ten men. I walked into the bedroom, and a bud I had driven over to the party was pounding a hot bottom. Juan pulled out and gave me a turn. His hole was nice, but I was saving my cum for my old fuckbud. At some point, he made it to the bedroom as I was leaving to the living room. I sat, and watched a few guys fucking, and returned to the bedroom. Juan was now fucking my old bf on all fours. He was pounding that ass, and told him to turn over. He rolled over on his back and Juan resumed the fuck. Juan knew where I wanted to plant my load, and graciously pulled out. I mounted my old fb and began my journey to bliss. By this time, I had been edging for about an hour, and was super close. I was sliding in and out when I felt my nuts begin to boil, and my load began to explode. I didn't say anything and tried to keep quiet since I wasn't sure if he wanted my load or not. I finished cumming, pulled out, and went to the bathroom.
I went back into the living room and was talking to friend when he mentioned that the host had some cum leaking out of his ass, and was going to the bathroom to clean it up. I followed him in, and asked why he was cleaning it off. He said that it was embarrassing, and gross. I told him that tops LOVE when a hole is dripping cum since it's a great lube, and to show my appreciation, slid my cock in and pumped him a few times. I could smell the semen on my penis when I pulled out. I took him out to the living room, and had Juan confirm to him that tops love cum for lube. I can't believe this bottom had never been told that. Anyway, I went back into the bedroom and two Latinos were taking it up the ass from assorted guests. I tried out both holes, but was unable to seed either one, despite words of encouragement from both. Went home, got up the next day, horny as hell, and got a stellar blow job from a regular cocksucker of mine.

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