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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Yet Another Party

Went to a dungeon party on Sat nite, and had a great time. Not too many people showed, but there was a good enough crowd and good enough selection of men to dump in. I started by sliding into the waiting hole of a bottom getting plowed in the dressing room. I had done a tour of the facility and went back into the dressing room to get a beer out of my bag when I saw the bottom getting plowed. The top pulled out and said, "Give him a try." He had a nice hole and we switched off for about 10 min. I went on to other things. I walked around and saw a buff bottom taking it up the ass while a small group watched him. As he was getting plowed, he told the guy fucking him, "Yeah, breed me!" The top did and I took over when he pulled out. I began pounding him and became very verbal which he told me the next day he really liked. As I was plowing him, I kept asking if he wanted my load, and when I was ready to shoot, I said, "Here it cums cumdump, take that load. You want it, don't you?" When he said, "Go ahead stud, load me up." I shot my load deep in him.

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