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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wasted load or not?

I went over to a guy who advertised himself as a cocksucker. I got there and sure enough he got on his knees and began to suck me. I was sitting in a chair, and I felt his tongue go under and behind my balls. I moved to give him easier access and the fun began. This guy ate ass like nobody's business. he turned himself around so he was lying face up on the floor and pulled my ass towards his mouth. He then began to chow down like a dog who hadn't eaten in a week. He just kept sticking his tongue further and further in my hole and I was loving every minute of it. He lubed up his hand and began stroking himself. He also began stroking me. He was teasing my hole and my cock, so I took control of my cock. It felt like heaven, feeling my hand stroke my cock and feel his goatee against my hole. I couldn't hold off and shot all over myself while he was eating. He then dumped a load all over his belly. My question to you readers is, "Does this count as a wasted load, or not?" Let me know your thoughts.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Return of an old regular

A few weeks ago I got hit up by an old regular who LOVES to swallow my load. He came over again yesterday, and we had a great time. The sex is always predictable, but in a good way. He always starts by kissing me, then eats my ass. He likes it so much that he usually works it for about 20 or so minutes. He then turns me around and begins to give me mind blowing head. As he's sucking my cock, he's stroking his own tool. He unloads on my belly or cock, then uses it as lube to jack me for a bit before resuming sucking. And yesterday, as always, I shot a huge load into his mouth and he swallowed every drop. He's a feeder's dream cum true.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Private GH

There was post on CL today advertising a private GH that was going to be up all day. I got the address and headed over. When I got there, a HOT, tatted up guy was getting serviced. I think he was married, cuz he had what looked like a wedding ring on his left hand. He was pumping away at the cocksucker, groaning and grunting until he finally unloaded. He pulled out, turned around and let me see his cock. It was magnificent. A bit of an upward curve, large mushroom head, nice set of balls. He zipped up, I unzipped and stuck my cock into the hole. This man knew how to suck cock. I shot within 5 minutes. I think I need to back to him and let him suck me again.