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Thursday, July 7, 2011

4 Days, 2 Loads

Went to a party on July 4. Been to his house several times, always a good time. Although 33 people had confirmed, only about 10 showed up. I unloaded in a hot Latino that I'd never seen before. I tried to give the host a load, but the first one wore me out. As I was leaving the building a saw a bud of mine walking in. He told me on Tuesday that he'd been fucked at the party, but didn't take anyone's load. He shot in the same guy I creamed. I wish I had stayed longer; I've never seen him take cock up the ass before.
Got hit up by a guy today who wanted me to feed him my load. I got there and he was better looking than his pix. He gave me a great suck, and took my entire load, as he promised he would. He told me I was load #12 today. What a slut!

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