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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Hot Load in a Hot Hole

Went to a bud's house last night for a gangbang of his boy. When I got to the apt, the boy answered the door. I'd fucked him before, but he was on a fuckbench, and was wearing a blindfold, so I didn't really have a good idea of what he looked like. Damn, this boy was good looking. He stood about 6ft 4 in, light brown hair, beautiful face, taut, smooth, muscular body. I knew it was him because I recognized the tattoos. I went into the living room, and a guy sitting on the couch was stroking his cock that he had pulled out of the fly of his jeans. The boy went over to him and began to suck his cock. The guy on the couch told me to have a seat, and "Join the fun" He and I began to rub each other's chests as I stroked myself to full mast. He then told the boy, "Suck his cock and make him feel welcome>" Damn, this boy was a good cocksucker. He alternated between us for about 10 minutes as other guests filed into the party. At this point, the man sitting next to me said, "I need to fuck some ass." Boy said, "Let's do it," and the three of us went into the play room. Boy got on the fuck bench and the bud from the couch lubed up and entered him. He told me how great the hole felt, and that if he kept it up, he'd shoot. He pulled out and I took my turn. Words don't describe what this man's hole felt like. Tight, silky, warm are some of the adjectives that come to mind. I knew I'd blow if I stayed in too long, so my bud and I alternated. At one point, another guest came into the play room and my bud told him to take a turn since the two of us were so close. This was great, because now there were three of us tag teaming him instead of two. I had to take a break because I knew I'd dump my load too fast. I went into the living room just as a new guest arrived. He was very unremarkable except for possessing the thickest cock I've ever seen. He walked into the playroom and I followed right behind. He first began to fuck one of the guests who had taken up residence in the sling, then slipped over into the boy. After fucking the boy for a while, my bud went over to boy and fucked him some more. I asked if the thick cock had loosened him up, but he said, "No, it's as tight as before." Naturally, I had to see for myself, and sure enough it was. I then went over to the sling and slid my cock in his hole. It didn't feel nearly as good as the boy's did. I alternated between fucking the boy and relaxing in the living room, as there were now about ten or fifteen people there, and I was sure the boy's hole would be filed to capacity. I went into the playroom again, and had the boy suck me. I pulled him of because I was so close; he said "Go ahead and breed my hole. You can always fill me with a second load." With an attitude like that, I couldn't refuse and worked my way to his hole. I slid it in and began pistoning away, while he was asking for my seed, begging me to shoot in him. This attracted lots of attention, and I then began getting encouragement from the other men. I thrusted in one more time as I felt my seed shoot deep into his guts as his ass muscles squeezed and massaged all the semen out of my cock. I was load number one in him. As the evening progressed and I alternated between the play room and the living room, I was getting updates on how many loads he'd taken. When he was up to five, I decided to try again. He sucked my cock to full erection and I fucked him relentlessly, but couldn't ejaculate. I tried again after he was filled with load nine using nothing but the loads in ther for lube, but to no avail. Too bad, cuz his hole felt better the more spunk that was up there.