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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Load Update

It's been a while since I updated, so here's a recap of my last four loads. Went to a party last night. The guest list was 65 people, but as usual, not even half that many showed up. I got to the house, stripped, and went into the play room. Two bottoms were getting plowed; one was bent over leaning against the wall, the other was in a sling. Some guy started blowing me, and as soon as I was hard, I walked over to the bottom leaning against the wall. He began sucking me off, and when the doorbell rang, the host pulled out of his hole and I rammed in. What a tight cunt that was... I fucked for a few minutes then pulled out cuz it was too early to knock anyone up. I turned my sights to the sling, where the bottom was waiting for a cock. I obliged by entering his hole. Warm, slick, made for cum. Again, I had to pull out for fear of early ejaculation. As there were only two bottoms, it was easy to decide who I was gonna inseminate. I went back over to the first bottom, lined up my cock with his hole and plowed away. As I unloaded in him, he told me I was his first load of the night.
Earlier this week, a regular of mine came over. He ate my ass for ten minutes, then began sucking my cock. I rewarded him with a four day load.
The previous load was given to another regular about one week prior. The fourth (or first) load of this post was given to a guy I've fucked before. He and someone else hosted a party at a local hotel. There were two bottoms and six tops. I was his first load of the evening since he kept asking for my load and asking how hot his hole was the entire time I was fucking him.

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  1. i like how meticulous you are with documenting your loads. thats a good idea! they're not particularly "wasted" tho if blown to porn or jo...