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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Three Way

Instead of me doing the dumping of the sorta BF, he beat me to the punch on Thur. With that in mind, I headed over to a bud's house for a cocksucking. When I got there, I heard the shower running, and my bud said not to worry. He began giving my head, licking my cock in the bottom, right where the head meets the shaft. It was fantastic. He licked and nuzzled my balls, and I wanted to shoot badly. But, I still kept hearing the shower, and wanted to see who was in there, and if he were gonna join us. My bud kept edging me for about 10 minutes until the water stopped. I heard whoever it was get out of the shower, towel off, brush teeth, all while watching the door as my bud kept edging me. I kept holding off, wanting to see mystery man, when I heard the other door to the bathroom open, then heard the front door open, then close. I blasted my load deep down his throat, knowing a three way wasn't gonna happen.
Yesterday, I was texting a bud of mine and he told me he had a bottom coming over to fuck. I told him I was looking to get sucked and he told me to come over. When I got there, he and his bottom boy were in bed together kissing, feeling each other up. I stripped, and got into the action. We both attacked my bud's cock, licking, slurping, nuzzling, and generally slobbing all over him. His bottom bud then went down on me. What a fucking throat!! My eyes musta rolled back in my head, cuz my bud said, "Great head, huh?" All I could do was grunt. My bud decided it was time to fuck. He turned bottom boy to the side of the bed, put him on all fours and began plowing him. I was letting bottom suck my cock and got into the same rhythm as my bud, so we were going into and out of bottom boy at the same time. I couldn't hold off, and told him I was gonna blow. As I was, my bud was telling bottom boy, "Take that load. Take every drop of his cum." He surely did. We laid around for a bit, and I realized it was getting late and had to leave. As I left, my bud was balls deep in bottom boy's hole.


  1. Hey, man too hot...your adventures always get a boner out of me...fukin' luv it!

  2. Me too. Oh I gotta go jerk off!