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Monday, April 23, 2012

Dual Blow Job

I hit up a regular cocksucker yesterday, and we made arrangements for me to be at his place at 3:30. He texted me that there might be someone else there getting serviced. When I arrived, the cocksucker was blindfolded and servicing a tatted up ginger. I stripped, and sat on the couch next to him. He pulled the cocksucker off his cock and guided him towards mine. As I enjoyed his warm gullet enveloping my rod, I reached over to ginger boy. Hot cock on him, 7.5 cut in, average girth, and a nice upward curve.  It felt great to stroke his tool. I pulled cocksucker off and guided him to ginger. We went back and forth like this until I sensed ginger was ready. I encouraged him by saying "Feed him your load" and holding the cocksucker down on his cock. That was all it took and ginger began to unload. He seemed to shoot forever and when he finished, he guided cocksucker over to me.  As I relished the warm, moist throat, ginger boy stood up and stroked the last drop of cum out of his cock. Watching that sent me over the edge as I fired volley after volley of warm cum down cocksucker's throat. We get dressed and left. I hope that happens a again soon.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Another Small Party

Went to a party with a bud of mine last night. There were pretty slim pickings at this party, but luckily a guy that I've always found attractive was there. He was getting fucked by a guy with a huge (easily 10 in) cock. I slid right in and only gave him a few pumps cuz I knew I'd shoot if I kept on going. I plowed another butt for a while, but decided to unload in my bud. I went back to his ass, and pumped a few times. I asked if he wanted my load, and when he said yes, he began to squeeze my cock as I shot deep in him. It was an intensely satisfying orgasm. When I pulled out, a glop of cum dropped onto the carpet. Totally hot to see.