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Friday, April 6, 2012

Another Small Party

Went to a party with a bud of mine last night. There were pretty slim pickings at this party, but luckily a guy that I've always found attractive was there. He was getting fucked by a guy with a huge (easily 10 in) cock. I slid right in and only gave him a few pumps cuz I knew I'd shoot if I kept on going. I plowed another butt for a while, but decided to unload in my bud. I went back to his ass, and pumped a few times. I asked if he wanted my load, and when he said yes, he began to squeeze my cock as I shot deep in him. It was an intensely satisfying orgasm. When I pulled out, a glop of cum dropped onto the carpet. Totally hot to see.

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  1. sounds so hot. love to see you in action sometime.