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Monday, July 16, 2012

Small party

Went to a small party last night. One of my semi-regular buds was having a group over. I'd never met two of the guys there, one of whom was a Latino with an enormous 9 x 6 cock. It was HUGE!!! When I got there, he was stroking while another guy was going down on the host. Said fellator was someone I've always wanted to be with, but the interest wasn't ever reciprocated. Everyone played for a while, and I ended up getting blown by the host while Mr. 9 x 6 was pounding his hole.  When he pulled out, the guy I've wanted to be with got on all fours and began blowing the host again. Mr. 9 x 6 pointed to the guy's hole and told me to go ahead. Not willing to lose this chance, I dove right in. This guy's hole was sublime. I was so enjoying the sensations, and the fact that I was finally in there, that I blew a nice load in a fairly short amount of time. I pulled out, got dressed, and left. I wasn't sure if he knew he was carrying my babies, so I sent him an email later thanking him for being a good cum receptacle.


  1. I am in texas all the time - and I really enjoy a good top!! MountainBound if you are interested. Or Roadspirit on BBRT

  2. mmmm reading that post made my pussy wet. The best part about hitting some pot and poppers at a sex party is when you just get on your back or your stomach and take all the cock and cum from tops you may not meet for a fuck but you're horny, high, and hungry for a hard dick.

    P. Pussyboi

  3. where are these parties at?