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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Recent Parties

     Last week, I went to a small house party. The host has several gloryholes set up in the backyard. When I got there, the cocksucking frenzy had already begun, but there were too many people to fit in all the gloryholes, so guys were playing in the backyard.  I walked in and immediately had a cocksucker on his knees in front of me. Actually, there were two cocksuckers vying for my attention. I settled on one, and promptly rewarded him with a large load that he easily and eagerly swallowed. I hung around for a while, and the party coalesced on the back porch. There were three of us sitting on lawn chairs, while three cocksuckers were on their knees in front of each of us. I was egging on the guy sitting next to me, telling him to "shoot that load" when he began to ejaculate in the cocksucker's mouth. That prompted me to begin to unload as well. I hung around for a little, then went home and fell into a deep sleep.

     The next day, I went over to a cocksucker's house and dumped a nice load down his warm throat.

     Last night, I went to a bud's house for a small gang bang. The bottom was a tattooed muscle bear. He was on his back, lying in the sling, just waiting for some sperm. I watched several men take their turns on his hole, and dove in when I was given the opportunity. His hole was magically smooth and soft. I plowed him for a while, but had to pull out since I didn't want to shoot too soon.  I went into the kitchen, and while I was getting a beer I him say, "We have a winner". I walked into the playroom, and watched as top 1 was pulling out, and saw a drop of cum on the tip of his cock. Another top took over, and as he was fucking the bottom, both the bottom and I were urging him to unleash his load.  I watched the top close his eyes, moan, and I knew he was unloading. When he opened his eyes, I asked how it felt. He just grinned, and said great. I decided it was my turn. I slid in and felt the sperm coating my cock. I bent over and began to kiss the bottom. I told him how good his hole felt, what the loads coating me felt like, and listened to him urge me to breed him. After a few minutes, the sensations were too much, and I added load three to his cum filled chute. I pulled out, thanked him, and went home.