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Sunday, December 2, 2012

New Bud Again

Just unloaded in my new bud's mouth again. Boy, can he suck cock!

New Cocksucker

I got to try out a new cocksucker last night. I saw him on bbrts, and his ad said he was looking to suck cock and swallow a load with no recip. It was just what I had in mind. Imagine my eagerness when he sent me his address, and it was less than two blocks from my place. I was over there in a flash, and when I walked in I was pleasantly surprised by his looks. He grabbed me, and began to kiss me. Nothing gets me harder faster than a good kisser, and he def fit the bill. I asked him if he were ready to suck some cock and swallow some cum, and his response was the always popular, "Yes, sir".
I pushed him down to his knees and he got right to work. I've never been with this man before, but the way he touched me and the places he touched me were so correct and so perfectly timed that it was as if we'd been doing this for years. Not in a routine, rote, boring way, but in an expert, attentive way. He nuzzled my nuts, licked up and down my shaft, let me skull fuck him, and was an EXPERT rimmer.  I didn't tell him when I was ready to unload because it built up slowly and by the time I knew it was cumming, I was so enraptured by the feeling, I was speechless. He was gently sliding up and down the shaft with his mouth, rubbing me below my nuts to my hole, while gently cupping my balls in his other hand. The symphony of sensations was too much for me, and I blasted my swimmers down his throat. We talked for a bit, then I left. When I got home, there was an email from him:
Very nice Hot Stuff - you tasted wonderful! will
>love smelling your ass on my moustache all night
>long! WOOF - Don't be afraid to call when you
>to unload some cum!