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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Cumdump with attitude

     This morning I answered a CL ad from a guy advertising NSA pump and dumps at his house tonight and for the next three nights. Great set up, you walk in, he's ass up, blindfolded, waiting for your load.
     Here's my response: "This sounds awesome. I'm always looking for a hot hole to dump my load in. I'm a 52 year old, 5 ft 9in, 175lb white guy with 6 hard inches that's always horny to load a hot cunt. It's even better if someone else has left a deposit there before me." Pretty straightforward, and reasonable, or so I thought. 
     Here's his response: "If you like to load a hot cunt, then fuck a woman! Yuck. You really need to work on your delivery. I can't imagine that anyone would respond favorably to such nonsense. Men don't have cunts, you idiot."
     Was I out of line?