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Monday, February 10, 2014

J/O Party

Went to a j/o party yesterday. Stroked and got stroked by 4 - 5 other men. Edged for about 1/2 an hour until the host began to shoot as I was stroking him. As he unloaded, I caught some of his load and used it as lube on my cock. That was all it took for me to begin unloading. As I was shooting, the guy next to me began to shoot into a jock he was using to collect loads. Hot.


  1. It's kinda weird. I'm not apt to respond to a guy that only wants to stroke off, but if there was nothing said and j/o was the only thing that happened, I'm totally fine with it. And gotta say, love using cum as lube. I can't tell if it's the texture or more the thought of what it is...

  2. Yeah, jacking off with cum as lube is great. Stroking is fun IF you're at a party that's specifically dedicated to J/o>