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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Da Faq?!?!

     A cocksucker on Scruff hit me up yesterday, and since he was close by, and since I hadn't unloaded in nine days, I took him up on his offer. Hot, tatted and balding ginger, with a stout six incher that he jacked while sucking me. I guess because it hat been so long, and because he was good at what he did, I shot before I was totally hard. That's never happened to me before, and the orgasm was kinda weird. There wasn't this big explosion followed by relief, but it felt good anyway. As I was unloading, so was he. He stood up with a huge load in his hand. He wiped it up with a towel, but it would have been way hotter had he eaten it.

     Today, a cocksucker on Manhunt hit me up. We'd been trying to hook up for a while, and am I glad we did. This boy is very good looking, and a stellar cocksucker. We began with me standing over him while he pulled down my pants and nursed on my cock. I could tell from the first stroke of his mouth that we were gonna click. After a few minutes of mind blowing fellatio, he had me lie on the bed and began to eat my ass. Damn, this guy can rim!! He was so good, that he ate me for about 20 minutes in several different positions before he went back to blowing me. We ended up with me sitting at the foot of the bed while he knelt before me and deep throated. When I started to unload, he went all the way down, and took every drop. I pulled him up and kissed him, and fell back on the bed. We hung out for about fifteen minutes, and then I left. Before I left, I asked him how he got so good at what he did. His answer was, "I just love to suck cock." EVERY great cocksucker has told me that exact samt thing when I ask how they got so good at what they do. As I was driving, I called one of my buddies to tell him about this fantastic blow job. I gave him the guy's screen name, and he said to me, "Oh, that's ___" When I asked him how he knew, he responded, "That's the guy that gave me the fantastic blowjob yesterday." I think it would be hot for the two of us to tag team him, but since my buddy and I aren't sexual with each other, and never have been, it won't ever happen.