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Friday, August 14, 2015

Hotel Cumdump

He comes to town on a fairly regular basis. I've been to only one previous function of his, before tonight. He posted a gangbang on bbrts, and I hadn't dumped a load in a week, so I went over. I was the only one there. He was dog style on the bed and I ran my fingers up and down his crack and into his cunt. It was nice and slick. I told him to suck me so I could get hard and fuck him. He was a great cocksucker. He blew me for about five minutes, then pulled off and said, "Fuck me" I went around and slid into a slick, sticky, cummy cunt, just the way I like them. I began to fuck slowly then quickly, then slowly, then quickly. He began to ask for my load. I told him I was close and he said, "Dump it" As I was unloading, I said, "Can you feel my cum up that hot cunt?" He said he did. I pulled out and left. I should have had him clean my cock off. Next time.


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