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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Sex Party

Went to a fun party this afternoon. There were five guys, including me. I'd been to this place before, the last time he was in town. Anyway, the host is there, two guys I didn't recognize, and one guy I've bred at Cumunion once before. He's got an ENORMOUS cock. Enormous cock guy was fucking one of the ones I didn't recognize and the host told me he'd just dumped a load. Second guy I didn't recognize grabbed me and began to kiss me. Host bent over the bed and guy kissing me began to fuck him. He fucked him for a while as host was fellating me with consummate skill. He commented, "Damn that's a hard cock" He kept it up edging me when I decided I wanted to plow his ass. I pulled out and the guy fucking him obliged by pulling out and letting me in. Damn, his ass was smooth and silky. I did this for a while, but kept pulling out because I wasn't ready to unload yet. I went back to his mouth and let him blow me for a while. I told him I was gonna cum, and he pulled me deep into his mouth as I was unloading a four day load. Sent him an email later telling him that my load was going in his cunt the next time he was back in town.

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