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Monday, January 2, 2017

2017's first load

 I just came back from a party where I planted my first load of the year deep in a cubby, buff Latino.  When I got to the party, he was getting plowed by a tall white guy with a nice cock. The host immediately went down on me and brought me to full erection in no time. After a bit, the cubby, buff Latino (CBL) wanted to get fucked the the host. As he was getting plowed by the host, I gave him some head. Kinda small cock, but since he's a bottom, who really cares, right. Anyway, the host pulled out and I took my cue to sample some Latino hole. It was nothing special, but he was cute, so I kept at it. I pulled out and he went to getting by the guy who was fucking him when I walked in. I kissed CBL as he was getting plowed and he seemed to like it. He pulled himself off the cock in him and pulled me over to the couch. He got on his back and lifted his legs. I slid in and he felt totally different than when I first fucked him. It was fantastic. I took nice, long strokes being sure to go in as deeply as I could and pulling out as much as I could. As I was deep dicking him, I whispered in his ear, "You ready for my load"? He didn't respond so I made decision for him, went in as deeply as I could and let loose. As I was pushing out the last of my swimmers, he said, "Are you cumming?" "I just finished" was my response. I pulled out and the host began licking up the semen that had spattered on his legs as I slid out.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

2016's Load Count

Load count was only 66. What's the deal? As I get more sober, I don't have as much of a drive as I used to. I'm not sure if it's not drinking or the fact that I'm getting older that's the main driver behind my declining interest in sex. Thoughts from you readers out there?

Loads Given:
Load 1 - Given orally Jan 1
Load 2 - Given anally Jan 3
Load 3 - Delivered orally Jan 7
Load 4 - Given orally Jan 13
Load 5 - Delivered anally Jan 15
Load 6 - Given orally Jan 17
Load 7 - Given orally Jan 24
Load 8 - Given orally Jan 27
Load 9 - Delivered anally Jan 28
Load 10 - Delivered orally Feb 5
Load 11 - Delivered orally Feb 12
Load 12 - Delivered orally Feb 14
Load 13 - Delivered orally Feb 21
Load 14 - Delivered anally Feb 22
Load 15 - Delivered orally Feb 24
Load 16 - Delivered anally Feb 27
Load 17 - Delivered orally Mar 4
Load 18 - Delivered orally Mar 10
Load 19 - Delivered orally Mar 13
Load 20 - Delivered orally Mar 15
Load 21 - Delivered orally Mar 18
Load 22 - Delivered manorlly Mar 22
Load 23 - Delivered orally Mar 29
Load 24 Delivered anally April 2
Load 25 - Delivered orally April 17
Load 26 - Delivered orally April 22
Load 27 - Delivered anally April 27
Load 28 - Delivered orally April 30
Load 29 - Delivered orally May 8
Load 30 - Delivered orally May 12
Load 31 - Delivered orally May 19
Load 32 - Delivered orally May 25
Load 33 - Delivered orally May 28
Load 34 - Delivered orally May 29
Load 35 - Delivered orally May 31
Load 36 - Delivered orally June 3
Load 37 - Delivered orally June 10
Load 38 - Delivered orally June 12
Load 39 - Delivered anally June 15
Load 40 - Delivered anally June 28
Load 41 - Delivered anally June 30
Load 42 - Delivered anally July 3
Load 43 - Delivered orally July 8
Load 44 - Delivered anally July 10
Load 45 - Delivered orally July 17
Load 46 - Delivered anally July 27
Load 47 - Delivered anally July 28
Load 48 - Delivered orally Aug 7
Load 49 - Delivered orally Aug 14
Load 50 - Delivered anally Aug 18
Load 51 - Delivered anally Aug 24
Load 52 - Delivered anally Sept 2
Load 53 - Delivered orally Sept 16
Load 54 - Delivered anally Sept 21
Load 55 - Delivered anally Sept 29
Load 56 - Delivered anally Oct 7
Load 57 - Delivered orally Oct 24
Load 58 - Delivered anally Oct 26
Load 59 - Delivered anally Oct 28
Load 60 Delivered anally Nov 10
Load 61 - Delivered orally Nov 16
Load 62 - Delivered anally Dec 9
Load 62 - Delivered orally Dec 12
Load 63 - Delivered orally Dec 13
Load 64 - Delivered orally Dec 28
Load 65 - Delivered orally Dec 30
Load 66 - Delivered anally Dec 31
Wasted Loads:
Load 1 - Shot into Fleshjack watching "Return to Meat Rack" Jan 3
Load 2 - Shot into Fleshjack watching "Return to Meat Rack" Jan 10
Load 3 - Shot into Fleshjack watching "Return to Meat Rack" Jan 18
Load 4 - Shot into Fleshjack watching "Return to Meat Rack" Jan 26
Load 5 - Shot into Fleshjack watching Jim Walker (Steele) in some random porn on Pornhub April 1.
Load 6 - Shot into Fleshjack May 22.
Load 7 - Shot into Fleshjack June 8.
Load 8 - Shot into Fleshjack July 21.
Load 9 - Shot into Fleshjack August 2 watching Nick Moretti, Damon Dogg, and Jesse O'Toole
Load 10 - Shot into Fleshjack August 12 watching Nick Moretti, Damon Dogg, and Jesse O'Toole
Load 11 - Shot into Fleshjack watching Derek fuck Damon Dogg in Bone Deep.
Load 12 - Shot into Fleshjack watching third scene of Bone Deep.
Load 13 - Shot on me watching fourth scene in Bone Deep.
Load 14 - Sont on me watching fifth scene in Bone Deep.
Load 15 - Stroked out to "Eddie's Going Away Party" in Bone Deep.
Load 16 - Stroked into Fleshjack watching "DOC 4"

2016's Last Load

A cumpdump was having a "load me with all the cum you can" party yesterday, and I figured it would be a great way to dump my last load of the year. I was the only one when I got there, and he got right on his knees and began to blow me. He started to blow me aggressively which I really don't like at all. I like to be sucked nice and slowly. I told him to slow down several times, and each time he did, it only lasted for about 5 seconds. He was ALL about getting the load in his ass. When I was fully hard and ready he got up and turned around. He lubed my cock and guided me in. As I slid in balls deep, I was mesmerized by the silky smoothness of his cunt. Some holes are rough, some are smooth, but very few feel like velvet or silk. This was one of the few. God, did it feel good sliding in and out. I put my stomach and chest on his back, wrapped my arms around him and began to pump. What a hole. He kept asking for my load, and that combined with the ecstasy of a slick, silky pussy made my push in as deeply as I could and deposit my seed. I pumped and pumped as much sperm as I could into him. He felt great as I slid out. I got dressed and left.