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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Last Night's Cumunion

Went to Cumunion last night. Crowd was kinda "meh" Not as many men as last time, not as much hotness as last time. I did see an old fuckbud and his new boy. Boy was on his knees blowing my fb, and I began to fuck the boy. Nice ass and it was hot to hear my fb egg me and the boy on. I walked around and saw a guy laying on his back on a table. He was getting blown by a guy with a great face. I walked around the other side of the table to check out the cocksucker's ass. There were five or six men checking him out, but he didn't have a cock in his ass. I decided to remedy that and plowed right in. What a great hole he had. Warm, deep, and prelubed. I fucked for quite a while then unloaded. He hadn't turned around once to see who's cock was in his ass, but when I pulled out he turned around, smiled at me, and went back to sucking cock.

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