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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Afternoon Orgy

A frequent out of town visitor had an afternoon party at his place yesterday. I've been to many of his parties before and they're always fun. The starting time was three and when I opened the door at 3:01, he was there with two other guests. One of them had been the bottom of a pump and dump Saturday night session earlier this year, so I was glad to see him since he's got a sweet cunt. The action began with the pump and dump bottom (L) and the host (W) going down on me and the other guest. I'd not had a blow job from L before, but damn, was he good. He kept up an expert rhythm and took me all the way down. I had to return the favor and as I did, the other guy getting blown got down and began to suck W. The front door opened and in came a ginger and a dark headed guy. When the stripped, the ginger had a nice piece, but the dark headed one had a hog. It was fat, veiny, and long. For about 10 minutes, there were countless permutations of kissing, sucking, ass eating, and jacking. At this point, W said, "Let's go into the bedroom" We did and then the fun began. W laid on the bed and the ginger began to suck him while W sucked someone else's cock. L got on all fours and the dark headed guy with a hog began to fuck him. I knew he hit the mark when L started to groan. I watched, entranced as I saw the look on L's face. I couldn't wait to get in there, and when hog guy pulled out, I went in. Ginger boy was watching and stroking, so I bent my head and began to kiss him. L was nice and loosened up and his cunt felt terrific. Ginger was watching so intently that I pulled out and let him have a go. The look on his face when he got all the way in was magic. So was the way my cock felt when L started sucking it and licking his ass juice off. Ginger fucked then pulled out. As L went down on him, I slid back in. I knew I wouldn't last long since L's cunt was nice and loose and slippery from the lube. I bent over him and began to hug him. I asked him if he wanted my load and began shooting when he said yes. I don't know how many times I shot, but I know it was deep, and I know it was a lot. When I pulled out, some of my load dripped out of his hole. He got on his knees and tried to suck me, but I was too sensitive. I did push the remaining semen out of my cock and feed it to him. I kissed him and got dressed as he was taking ginger's cock again. He emailed me this am and told me he'd taken three more loads at the party then two more at home later that evening.


  1. Oh, how I would love to have tried...To bottom for you and the others, and to suck, too. A dream! Thanks.