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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Cumdump Neighbor Encore

I went to visit my cumdump neighbor last nite. He sent me an email saying he'd been freshly bred, and asking me if I wanted to add my load. Yes, yes, I did. He'd been bred by a 26 year old kid who'd left a HUGE load in his cunt. I say huge because after he got me to fully hard (he gives excellent head) he turned around and spread his hole open. I slid in and when I pulled back I could smell the semen in his hole. It was intoxicating. I don't think I'd ever smelled cum in someone's hole before, but I won't forget it. His hole felt fantastic, and when I unloaded, I pumped four times, with the last being the biggest. I could actually feel the cum going thru my cock as I dumped my fourth spurt in him. I'd never felt that before, abut it was in incredible feeling. I'm glad he lives so close to me.