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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Gang Breeding

One of my buds has, until the last month or so, posted a recurring party on BBRTS. Up until October, I had always been unable to attend any of the these breedings. But finally, one day, my schedule permitted me the chance to attend. . Anyway, I walk into the house, and in the living room are three guys fooling around. The host doesn't really care if people are doing stuff in the living room, but the rule is that the bottom's ass has to be filled at all times. I kinda hang out in the living room for a while, and then make my way into the fuck room. I walk in on 10 guys, most of whom are hot, taking turns on regdude's ass.He'sstrapped to a fuck bench and blindfolded. He takes any and all loads with no questions asked. (I asked him one day why he was blindfolded, and he said he got totally boned taking anonymous loads)I walk around to regdude's mouth, stick my cock in, and he goes to work. In nothing flat, I'm rock hard and ready to take a turn on his ass. I walk around to his hole, and there's a line to get in!! After patiently waiting my turn, I slide into the warmest, silkiest, sexiest hole I've EVER been in. It's already been prelubed with six loads. I can only spend a few thrusts in there, because I'm gonna nutt if I keep going. I pull out, and observe the rest of the tops in heat. I wish you could see the bottom. He's 31yrs, prob 6 ft tall, blonde, tatted up, and has a washboard stomach. HOT, and he's a cumpig. I continue to go back and forth between watching and sliding my cock in that miraculous hole of his. Finally, the cum, lube, crowd, and atmosphere are too much. I lean over and ask him if he's ready for my load, knowing full well the answer to the question. When he says, "Yes, sir" I shove in balls deep, and blast his chute with a big load of my baby batter. When I pull out, I go around to his head and have him clean my cock off. I go out to the living room, and relax. After a bit, I get hit on by a cute 30 year old. I tell him that I'm kinda tired, and don't want to fuck him. He tells me all he wants to do is suck my cock. BONUS! I stick my cock in his mouth, and start pumping away. In no time flat I'm dumping load #2 down his throat. I pull out and go to kiss him, and he gifts me with a big clump of my sperm. Very tasty!

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