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Monday, January 11, 2010

Loading Hole

My buddy Rapture im'ed me and told me he was gonna be breeding hole yesterday afternoon, and did I want to join, I declined and continued doing things around the house. Later in the evening, I found an ad on Craiglsist saying words to the effect," I've already got four loads in my hole and need more" I answered the ad and said I thought my friend Rapture had given him two loads. He responded in affirmative and told me Rapture was coming by later to reload him. I decided to go over and donate my own DNA. I went to the hotel, and found a round, beefy ass with a huge set of lowhangers waiting for me. He was a bit low on lube so i wasn't as hard as I wanted to be when I entered, but the feel of the warmth of his ass, and the loads in there got me to full mast quickly. Since he was preloaded, his hole was nicely slick and warm. I pump away at him, and in just a bit feel my seed traveling the end of my cock. Just as I'm unloading, I feel a hand on my balls, and lips on my neck. I turn my head, and see it's my buddy Rapture. I finish coating the bottom's hole, pull out, kiss Rapture, and let him slide in on my load. It's only about a minute until I see that familiar look on his face and he dumps a nice one in the guys ass. As he and I are leaving, he tells me it's the sixth load he's given away today. What a stud.

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  1. Sounds like a great way to spend an hour! Thanks for writing the truth about barebacking. There is nothing better than sodomy without a rubber. I love to watch my large poz pecker pump a load into butthole. no guilt and no regrets.