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Friday, February 12, 2010

Just unloaded in a fuckbud's hole

Was cruising for mouth or hole earlier today when I saw a fuckbud on M4SN. He told me to cum over and unload.  As he was sucking my cock (and filming himself) he told me he wanted me seed in his ass. I hadn't unloaded in a hot hole in about two or three weeks, so I was game.  As soon as I slid in, I knew I wouldn't last too long, and I was right. I unloaded deep inside him in about eight strokes. The look on his face as I was dumping in him was awesome. He kept telling me to push it in deeper, and that he was gonna walk around all day long with my DNA inside him. I told him to keep it in him so when his bf fucks him later tonite, he'll be sliding on my cum. HOT!!!

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  1. You mentioned it in other posts, but yes nothing beats fucking raw with other guys' loads already in there.