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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

More fun on Monday and return of another regular on Tuesday

After Monday's very tweaky, very sketchy trick, I was still horny. I logged on to bbrts and saw a bud of mine on line. I asked him if he wanted a load, and the response was, "I'd be happy to take your load." I scooted on over there and got a blowjob that ranked at least an eight on a scale of ten. He worked my cock and balls over for about 25 minutes. Excellent technique, too. He would lick and nibble up and down the shaft, nuzzle my balls, lick right underneath the head of my cock, and give my piss slit loving attention. Even though I dropped a load earlier in the day, it was so unsatisfying that I was still incredible horny. I can't believe I lasted 25 minutes, but I did. When I felt my cum traveling up my cock I said, "Your ready for that load, boy?" He grunted, I grunted, and blew deep down his throat. Damn, that was good. On Tuesday, I got a text from a friend asking if he could have a load from me. I'm not one to be rude and refuse a cocksucker a load, so I told him to come over later in the day. To prepare for his arrival, I strapped on a cock ring, and load "The 1000 Load Fuck" on the DVD player. If you haven't seen this, you're truly missing out. I watched the fifth scene, "Perfect Bottom" and scene nine, "Rematch" before my boy got to my house. By then, I was totally boned, and ready to spurt. I buzzed him in, and switched to scenes three and four, where Ian Jay gets injected by literally a gallon of cum. My boy likes to dump his load on my cock, then blow me while his jizz is lubing my pole. It feels awesome. So, he dumped on me, rubbed it on my tool, and continued blowing. As he was working my cock, I was watching Ian Jay get a load dumped in him, then having some guy lick his hole, and felch out all that semen inside him. It triggered my orgasm, and I dumped a HUGE load in my boy's throat. He swallowed it all, cleaned off my cock, thanked me, and left. Could I ask for anything more?

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