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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Three Way

Got hit up this am by a hot cocksucker on line this am. He was eager for my load, but wouldn't be available until around 1:30. So, I kept looking, and got hit up on Manhunt. We both unlocked our pix, and the guy told me we knew each other. I didn't recognize him, but said "OK" and decided to wait until the afternoon. I get to the cocksucker's house and he tells me that someone is coming over to breed his ass while he eats my load. OK, I'm fine with that. Then he shows me the guy's pic, and it's the same one that told me we knew each other. I still didn't recognize the pic, so I was eager for him to show up. As I'm getting blown, the front door opens, and sure enough, I do know the guy. I had no problem with it, and apparently he didn't either, as he stripped off his clothes and let out a nice, thick, eight inch anaconda. We both started slurping on that beast, and pretty soon he was hard enough to enter the host. He did so easily, and proceeded to fuck deep. I was getting sucked off, but had to back off, cuz the bottom was getting pounded so hard, it was hurting my cock. I pulled out, and a few seconds later, the top pulls out, the bottom gets up and goes to the john. I asked the top if he'd shot, and he told me the bottom wasn't really that "fresh." About seven or eight minutes later, the bottom comes out of the bathroom, and I shove my cock in his mouth. Top boy had told me that once he sees scat on his cock, he pretty much is too grossed out to continue fucking. I seize this opportunity to unload a nice thick load in bottom boy's mouth. Feeling satisfied, I got up and left.


  1. A good bottom insures he's "fresh". That boy needs to get himself a Shower Shot.