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Monday, March 15, 2010

Tweaky Trick

Yesterday I couldn't give my load away. I tried, but to no avail. Went to a huge party in the evening, but no luck there. I was with friends, so wasn't really focused on a trick. Anyway, I was up early today, and got hit by a guy on Manhunt. He offered to suck my cock, and was close by, so I went on over. I get there, and there are two guys in briefs, each on a different computer. The guy that told me to come over looked kinda sketchy, so I asked them if they'd been to bed, and his response was, "No, can you tell?" My respons, "Uh, yeah, I can? . Anyway, I strip down to underwear, and he's all focused on the computer, trying to send a message to a friend of his, but there's no text appearing in the body of the message. He jacks with the computer for about five minutes, then goes to the bathroom. I'm kinda getting irritated, cuz after all, I WAS invited over for a blowjob. He comes back from the bathroom, and tells me to sit next to the other guy, a really hot Hispanic dude. I was thinking, "Sweet, he's gonna blow us both!" As soon as I sat, Hispanic guy says to him, "I can go sit on the bed if you want." His friend says no, it's ok, takes my underwear off, and begins to blow me. Latino boy is focused on his computer, so I'm not getting any of that action. As I'm being blown, Latino boy says something, and blowjob guy gets off my cock and looks at the pc screen. I'm patient, I wait, but after a bit, I have to redirect his attention to my cock. He begins blowing me again, but gets disctracted by the screen again. I redirect one more time, and hold his head on my cock. I'm thinking that I need to unload soon, so that he's not distracted again, so I pump a nice one into his eager mouth, zip up and leave. I can't help but wonder if he was disctracted cuz he didn't like my cock, or if he was just to tweaked to even notice he wasn't focused. So, question: How many of you have had tweaky tricks?

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  1. I have but i think it's a persons nature to be that way and the tweak just brings it out. So your seeing how rude they really are.