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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

PIss Party Last Sunday

I answered an ad for a piss party in M4SN. I decided to go because I'd never been to one before. The guy sends out the address shortly after the party is supposed to start, but I still go. I get there, and hes' upstairs in the bathtub with this hood/funnel combination on his head. I'm the only one there, but do have to piss badly. So, I piss into the funnel, and he takes it all, choking once or twice. I zip up, get in the car, and call an fb around the corner from piss boy. I go over, get sucked, and go home. Has anyone been to this type of party before? What usually happens?


  1. Can't say i have. Maybe someone will give us the scoop.

  2. Ok guys well I attend a piss party quite frequently. Chicago Water Buddies, so here's the scoop,, you go pay your 20 bucks, ( all the beer, water, and soda you van drink. Go undress check your clothes in,, you should wear someting on your feet. Then anything goes , there's a blow up pool you can get into to get pissed on, or you can just walk around piss on guys, feed them you piss, piss in there hole, suck, fuck, fist whatever your pleasure is..... Hope this helps.