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Friday, June 4, 2010

6' 6" Cocksucker

I got hit up today by a guy who wanted to suck my cock. He used to be a trainer at the gym I went to, but since it closed a few years ago and I went to a new gym, I haven't seen him. He emailed me, "So are you ready to spew in my
mouth?" I hadn't unloaded since Monday, so of course I was. He was less than five minutes away, (I LOVE living in this part of town_) so I was over there in a flash. He opened the door, and all I said was, "You ready to suck some cock?" He answered yes, and got down on all fours. He's so tall that if he's on his knees, he's almost level with my chest. I mean, REALLY tall. He did a fine job of cocksucking, and treated my balls royally. He kept licking them, but each time he would nuzzle them with his chin or nose. Nobody's ever done that before, and it's an incredible feeling. I kept asking him if he wanted my load, if he liked my cock, and how I was gonna give him a huge load of my spunk. Well, he did, he did, and I did. He swallowed every drop, and when I got home, we had the following email exchange:
Me Hey man, thanks for taking my load; you're a great cocksucker.

Him You're welcome. Thanks for being dominant and treating me like a whore. I love itQ

Me I like treating my cocsuckers like the dirty whores they are...

Him Excellent! And thanks for feeding me your load too.

Here's an excerpt from his profile: Please pull on my nipples while you pump my tight butthole and spew your spunk in my ass. Let me lick your cock clean after you shoot into my big muscle ass.

The guy's a total pig. I'll definitely be back for more.

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