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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Farewell Wagon/Blowus Interruptus

Wed I got a great bj from a guy who's leaving here to go to Denver. I got to his place, and there was NO furniture. He explained that the movers had taken everything earlier that morning. We went into the bedroom, and he got down on his knees and began undoing my pants. I asked him how many loads he'd had that day, and the answer was two. Nice. Anyway, he's on his knees deepthroating me when I turn me head to the left and see full length mirrors on the closet doors. Yeah, that's what I"m talking about. It was totally hot to be able to see our reflections in the mirror. He was an expert cocksucker, but due to there being no furniture, he was using his hands to balance himself instead of using them to massage my balls. The only time he massaged my balls was when I was ejaculating in his mouth.

Yesterday, I was hit up by my neighbor. We've never done anything up until this point, but he knows I think he's hot, and he told me to come over for a blow job. When I got there, we immediately lip locked, and lip locked some more. He pushed me down into the chair and started undoing my pants. He pulled them off, and began to slowly and carefully lick my balls and my cock. This guy is experienced and very good at what he does. I was thoroughly enjoying his mouth until he abruptly pulled of my cock and said, "Sorry, this isn't working for me" I said ok, and as I was getting dressed, he mentioned that I was being "awfully nice about this." My thought was, "What am I supposed to do, begin hollering and screaming?" I left, came home, and jacked off. It was disappointing to say the least. Oh well.


  1. Second one reminds of a guy was blowing me, his first time giving BJ and he got sick and had to go throw up. Sexy.

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