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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hot three way with hot guys

I put a Quick Connect ad up on bbrts and got hit up right away. Two guys wanted to suck my cock and snowball my load. I hurried on over, and was very pleasantly surprised at the two men behind the door. One is a guy I recognized from my gym years ago and the other was a hottie I'd never seen before. I stripped, and we got down to business. The one I knew was on his back begging to suck my cock. When I slipped it in his mouth, he groaned and got to work. His bf got on the bed and began to kiss me and rub my nipples. VERY hot. I reached down and began to stroke the bf's cock when I said, "Holy shit" The cocksucker pulled off my cock and said, "It's big, huh?" That could not have been more of an understatement. It was so thick that I could JUST get my mouth around it. Enormous was a better description. Anyhow, the hung guy began to blow me. Since I hadn't shot a load in five days, it wasn't long before I was shooting in his mouth. He pulled me out of his mouth and into his bf's mouth. After shooting, the bf cleaned my cock off while the hung one snowballed my load into my mouth. I gave it back to him, then we both bent down and snowballed with the bf. I've never snowballed my load before, and I gotta say, it was kinda hot.


  1. fuck yeh stud, at last a decent blog to read. Honest, straight forward, dirty as. Im sick of blogs with random stuff, need some real mccoy dudes like urself to jack off with good stories.

  2. ha ha, ur dedication on counting loads is admirable. the more I read, the more I like you, dude.