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Monday, January 30, 2012

New Cocksucker

Tried a new boy out yesterday. Profile said he was 48, but to my eyes, he looked around late 30s. Blue eyes, s&p hair, total boner inducer. GREAT cocksucker. Profile said he didn't take loads. He hit me up and when I pointed that out to him, he told me he wanted my load so badly he'd swallow. I fed him a huge seven day load that he greedily swallowed. When he was done, I pulled him up off his knees, and deep kissed him. I tasted not one drop of semen in his mouth. Well done!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Neighboorhood GH

Just got back from a VERY convenient, nearby gh. This guy sucks like a champ. He got a six day load from me. I plan on going back regularly.

Monday, January 2, 2012

First Loads of 2012

I didn't waste anytime giving people New Year's loads. Got sucked off by a regular yesterday, and went to a party today. Bottom had a nice hole, but I didn't unload in him. He was sucking my cock as he was getting fucked, and I pulled out since I knew I was close. It was too late; I erupted on the carpet, and as I was shooting, so began the guy standing next to me who had the thickest cock I've ever seen. He fucked the bottom and pulled out so I could have a go, and he was wide open. I know it was from the girth, because the second time I slid in, an average cock had just slid out, and his hole was noticeably tighter. As an aside, this party had 20 people signed up to go, but only three showed. WTF? Why do guys flake like that?

Final Load Count 2011

101 given, 36 wasted, for a total of 137.