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Sunday, October 21, 2012


Went to a bud's glory hole, was enjoying his warm mouth when a young Latino walked in. He stripped, and began to rub my back and ass. His fingers slid down to my hole, where I pulled him off and said, "No" He then began to rub my balls and ask how I liked the mouth that was sucking my cock. I told him it was great, and began to unload in my cocksucker.  I pulled out, got dressed, and began to walk away. Latino began to follow me, and I said, "Go back and get your cock sucked. He gives great head."  He told me, "We don't do that" I thought, "Hmm, whatever" Then he asked me if I were married, and if I were "clean" I replied no and yes respectively, but couldn't figure out what either question had to do with anything, especially if he had no intention of getting his cock sucked. I wonder what those do when they're together.

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