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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Bust and Da Bomb

Went to my neighbor's house a few days ago for a blow job, and for the third time, things just didn't work. I think this time it was because he used too much tooth. It was a bit painful. However, I went to a new cocksucker's place and he was SPECTACULAR! Teased the underside of my shaft with his tongue and beard, kept licking from under the head to the piss slit, to the ridge and back down again. Loved to gently lick my balls, my taint, and the space where balls meet body. Fantastic. I blew a huge load and he took every drop. I'm def gonna be back again.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Hotel Breeding

Just came back from breeding a hot guy at a closeby hotel. They're a couple here for the MLK weekend and had a gangbang tonight. There were only six of us there, but it was hot. White boy was getting fisted by an older guy when I walked in while Hispanic boy was sucking a guest's cock. I walked over to Hispanic guy and began to feel his ass crack and hole. Warm and slippery, just how I like them. When the guy getting his cock sucked slid into Hispanic boys hole, I shoved my cock in Hispanic boys mouth. He's a great cocksucker. Gets me fully hard and raring to go. I ask the fucker how the hole felt, and he said, "I haven't pulled out yet, have I?" Good point. He then asked if i wanted to try, so he pulled out and I slid in. Heaven. I plowed him for a few minutes while White boy was getting fucked by the guy who just fucked Hispanic boy. I had to pull of Hispanic boy, but he put his lips on my cock and began to suck. I pulled out, turned him around and began to plow him again. Right before I began to shoot, White boy's hole became vacant. I pulled out, dripping a bit of my load, and finished ejaculating in White boy. He then cleaned my cock. I got dressed and left.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Ethical Dilemma?

About 10 - 15 years ago, I began hooking up semi-regularly with a guy I'd met online. It was fun, casual, no strings, great sex. As time went on, the frequency began to diminish, but the sex was still great. Concurrently, there was another man close by that I occasionally hooked up with, and again, the sex was great, but without anywhere near the frequency of the first guy.  A few years ago, these two guys met, hooked up, and I think, moved in together. Guy number one told me that he didn't know what guy 2 did on his free time, and it was cool with him. He also told me that he couldn't hook up at his own place anymore, and that didn't seem to make much sense to me. Anyhow, yesterday I hooked up with guy 2, but it was at guy 1's place. So, was I out of line to do the deed at guy 1's place with guy? I don't  know if they are living together, but I suspect that's the case. The sex was great, but I wonder if I overstepped some boundaries.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Sex Party

Went to a fun party this afternoon. There were five guys, including me. I'd been to this place before, the last time he was in town. Anyway, the host is there, two guys I didn't recognize, and one guy I've bred at Cumunion once before. He's got an ENORMOUS cock. Enormous cock guy was fucking one of the ones I didn't recognize and the host told me he'd just dumped a load. Second guy I didn't recognize grabbed me and began to kiss me. Host bent over the bed and guy kissing me began to fuck him. He fucked him for a while as host was fellating me with consummate skill. He commented, "Damn that's a hard cock" He kept it up edging me when I decided I wanted to plow his ass. I pulled out and the guy fucking him obliged by pulling out and letting me in. Damn, his ass was smooth and silky. I did this for a while, but kept pulling out because I wasn't ready to unload yet. I went back to his mouth and let him blow me for a while. I told him I was gonna cum, and he pulled me deep into his mouth as I was unloading a four day load. Sent him an email later telling him that my load was going in his cunt the next time he was back in town.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

First Breeding of the New Year

Went to a gang bang posted on BBRTS today. Guest list was listed as 18, 4 of us showed up. That was fine, cuz the bottom was a great fuck. I got there and he was sucking some cock, then made his bf lie on the bed and began to blow him. As he's blowing the bf, the four guests proceed to fuck him. I was third to fuck him, but first to breed him. There was one semi-hairy, bald, bearded guy with the best ass I've ever seen. Never seen him before. Hope to see him again.

Load Count Comparison

Looking back at my load counts for the past few years,  I found an interesting phenomenon. In 2010 and 11, I gave a little 100 loads each year. Since then, the count has remained relatively steady with 68 in 2012, 75 in 2013 and 27 in 2014. This past year continues the trend with 76 loads given. I find this interesting in light of the fact that I quit drinking in Feb of this year, and thought my libido had decreased. This would seem to contradict that supposition. Looking at wasted loads, 2015 had me jacking 11 times (even though I bet it's more than that) 2104 was 17 times, 2013 was 21 times, 34 times in 2012,  2011 had me jacking 36 times, and in 2010 I wasted 50 loads. So I'm not jacking as much now, but still breeding/seeding at about the same rate.

Friday, January 1, 2016

First Load of the Year

I just dumped 2016's first load down a new cocksucker's throat. He wasn't bad at what he did, but he wasn't anything to write home about. I'll try him again and see if he's worthy of being added to my stable.