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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Bust and Da Bomb

Went to my neighbor's house a few days ago for a blow job, and for the third time, things just didn't work. I think this time it was because he used too much tooth. It was a bit painful. However, I went to a new cocksucker's place and he was SPECTACULAR! Teased the underside of my shaft with his tongue and beard, kept licking from under the head to the piss slit, to the ridge and back down again. Loved to gently lick my balls, my taint, and the space where balls meet body. Fantastic. I blew a huge load and he took every drop. I'm def gonna be back again.


  1. the bad ones make the good ones that much better!

  2. Those of us who love sucking cock properly REALLY know how to get our tops off - which also benefits us, as we get fucked both better longer and deeper :)

  3. That guy sounds awesome and wish I could meet him out here in Palm Springs, Ca. and he could service my six inch cut cock all day sucking it as much as you says he does and if he likes to rim me that is fine too, plus the good news is that I am retired so can meet anytime. Tom Hakim

    1. I wish I was in Palm Springs. I love to be forced down so that my chin is against your stomach as I love to be tied up on my back spreadeagled. That way, I am also guaranteed to deepthroat you (and maybe fit your balls in my mouth at the same time).

  4. Love some of your message to me but I would like you to tie me up so you could suck my cock as long as you want and go back and forth sucking my cock and at times using a mask with popper smell in it so I can fell what you are doing to me and them you might to fuck me that has not been in 20 years or less and blinefold me the tatal time. Tom Hakim