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Monday, January 2, 2017

2017's first load

 I just came back from a party where I planted my first load of the year deep in a cubby, buff Latino.  When I got to the party, he was getting plowed by a tall white guy with a nice cock. The host immediately went down on me and brought me to full erection in no time. After a bit, the cubby, buff Latino (CBL) wanted to get fucked the the host. As he was getting plowed by the host, I gave him some head. Kinda small cock, but since he's a bottom, who really cares, right. Anyway, the host pulled out and I took my cue to sample some Latino hole. It was nothing special, but he was cute, so I kept at it. I pulled out and he went to getting by the guy who was fucking him when I walked in. I kissed CBL as he was getting plowed and he seemed to like it. He pulled himself off the cock in him and pulled me over to the couch. He got on his back and lifted his legs. I slid in and he felt totally different than when I first fucked him. It was fantastic. I took nice, long strokes being sure to go in as deeply as I could and pulling out as much as I could. As I was deep dicking him, I whispered in his ear, "You ready for my load"? He didn't respond so I made decision for him, went in as deeply as I could and let loose. As I was pushing out the last of my swimmers, he said, "Are you cumming?" "I just finished" was my response. I pulled out and the host began licking up the semen that had spattered on his legs as I slid out.

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