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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Bubba Revisited

Every few weeks, this guy I call "bubba" comes to town. He's tall, prolly 6' 5', built, and weighs probably 250. LOVES taking cum up his cunt. He was here on Fri, and when I got to his hotel, he was being pounded by a hot, lanky guy. Lanky guy was pounding him, so I stripped and made bubba suck my cock until I got hard. I pulled out and lanky guy stepped aside. I slid into bubba and reveled in the silkiness of his cunt. We talked about what a great cunt he had and we both had banged him several times before and what a great fuck he was. We switched places several times, but after about 10 min I was ready to unload. I started pumping  harder and asked bubba if he wanted my load. When he said, "Fuck yeah, breed me" that was all I need to unload 5 days worth of semen into his hole. I pulled out and lanky guy slid in. I asked if he could feel my load in there, and he said, "Fuck, it feels great" I dressed and left. Looking forward to breeding bubba again.