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Thursday, July 19, 2018

New Cocksucker

He hit me up on BBRT yesterday, telling me he had a friend with a thick cock coming over the next day, and asking if I wanted to join the two of them. Few things in life make me as happy as a good cocksucker, but when it's in a group setting, it makes me even happier.  I got home from the gym and grocery store, and there was a message from him asking if I still wanted to come over. Duh. Cocksucker had shown me his pics, and he's a nice looking guy. Thick dick guy was a crapshoot, since I had no idea who he is/was. I got to the apt, and walked in since he'd told me the door would be unlocked. As I walked in, I could see thick dick guy looking at me from the living room. As I entered, I approached him, and could see cocksucker on the floor looking up at both of us. I pulled my pants and shoes off and cocksucker began to fellate me. I griped TDG and DAMN, was it thick. The rest of him was rather unremarkable, (not sure I'd recognize him in public) but the penis is definitely memorable. As cocksucker was bringing me to full erection, I was fondling TDG's member. He had a huge mushroom head, and a fairly average length, but again, the girth was impressive. Cocksucker pulled off me and began to suck TDG again. I told him what a hot cock he had and told me mine was also. Cocksucker had some mad sucking skills and was quite good at what he did. He alternated between us, and it was hot to watch TDG hold on to cocksucker's head and move that massive tool in and out of his mouth. Cocksucker went back on me and began to work on me. After a few minutes, I knew I was gonna unload and I guess it was pretty apparent since TDG asked if I were gonna dump on cocksucker's throat. I didn't have time to answer and shot a two day load down his throat. When I pulled out, he went down on TDG immediately. I was pinching TDG's nips and as I did, he pulled out and shot a nice sized load, (4-5 squirts) on cocksucker's face. Cocksucker licked some dribble off my penis while TDG held it. We got dressed and left. I wanna do it again, and soon.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Last Night's Party

Went to party last night and had a great time. I bred two men last night; at least one was a new man. I think I'd bred the other one at a previous party. When I got to the party, my favorite bottom of all time was in the bedroom getting plowed by his bf. The bf is hot af. He's tall, lean, dark haired, beautifully faced, and has an eight inch uncut cock. Anyway, I get undressed and they leave the room as I do so. I go out into the tv room and the action has already started. My neighbor walks by me and I grab his cock. He begins kissing me and stroking me. As I get to fully hard, he tells me he wants me to fuck him in the sling. I tell him I will later and might even breed him. He leaves and I walk over to fave bottom's bf who's sucking cock. As I walk up to him, he grabs my cock, and slowly, sloppily, and carefully takes it all the way down. The boy has some amazing cocksucking skills. As he was blowing me, I see his other half walk to the room with the sling. My attention is instantly diverted, and I follow B into the bedroom. He bends over the bed, and my face instinctively goes to his hole. Damn, it was tasty. I got his cunt nice and slick then gently slid my cock into his warm pussy. Nirvana. As much as I enjoy fucking B, I've loaded him countless times, and realized I had to pace myself, or else he was going to get my load for the evening. Several years ago when he was the featured bottom at a biweekly orgy, I'd breed him 3 or 4 times in a few hours. My stamina has decreased since then, so I've got to be more selective of who gets my semen in a group setting. As I walked away, I saw my neighbor in the sling getting pounded by one of the hosts. He pulled me toward him and began sucking me. This guy's got some good cocksucking skills also. The host pulled out, and I slid in. DAMN, this cunt felt fantastic. Slick, smooth, and just the right amount of resistance. I began to pound him and he began telling me to pound his boyhole, how it was his duty to take daddy's load and to give his hole to daddy whenever daddy wanted it. I LOVE when a man encourages me like that, so I had to pull out after a bit so that I didn't unload too quickly. I went back to B and as I was fingering his hole, his bf E began to suck me. As I said already, not only is E gorgeous, but he's a great cocksucker. He's got good technique and an enthusiasm that's palpable. I again had to pace myself and pull out. I'll add here that he sucked a load out of me at the last party he and I were at. I played with a few other men, and fucked a few more before going back to my neighbor in the sling. I slowly entered him and knew he was going to get my load. He began encouraging me, and I kept asking if he wanted my load. He told me yes and I fired six day's worth  of swimmers into his guts. As I pulled out, I saw some of my load ooze out and land on the floor. Unfortunately, no pig licked it up. I went back into the living room to relax for a while and talk. I saw B and E leave, and thought I would leave soon also.  After about 20 min or so, I went back into the bedroom and my neighbor wanted my cock again. He got my hard, I slid in, and even though he felt great, I knew I wouldn't be able to breed him again. I went back into the living room and saw some big time cocksucking action going on. I walked up to the group and began playing with the nips of one of the guys gettting sucked. I also began to slide my fingers into his cunt. Very quickly, my cock replaced my fingers. He had just the right amount of friction and lube in him and I unloaded a good sized load in him. After I pulled out, he stuck his fingers in his hole, put them in his mouth, and said to me, "What can I say? I'm a pig" Tired, sated, and ready for the 30 min drive home, I got dressed and left

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

My Latest Twitter Poll

Surveyed my Twitter followers, and found some surprising results.  70% of bottoms think it's hot when a top asks if he wants the load while 29% just want us to unload in them. 93% of tops think it's hot when bottoms ask for the load while 0% didn't think it was hot. I'm drawing some conclusions in my head, but would love to hear your input. Check out the results here: 
and here:

Friday, March 16, 2018

New? Website

This is my profile. Click on it and you can make your own.


Sunday, March 4, 2018

New Party

Last night, I went to a regularly occurring party that I'd never before attended. It was small, probably 10 people, and held at a private home. It was fun, but not as many people attended as I had expected. The highlight of the evening was this: I slid into a hole that felt unbelievably smooth and silky. I took several strokes, but pulled out because I knew I'd unload if I didn't. When I pulled out, there was the unmistakable aroma of cum. I asked the bottom if his bf had bred him a few minutes ago, (I'd been watching them fuck) and he said yes. The bf came over to me, pulled some cum off the base of my cock, put some in his mouth, and the bf's and said, "Yep, that's my load." HOT!!

Monday, February 19, 2018

2 More Days 2 More Loads

     Went to a party yesterday afternoon. Must have been 20-25 people there when I arrived. Among the guests was a ginger I've been wanting to nail for a few years but never was able to. I walked in and he was being felt up by a man with an enormous penis. I began to feel up ginger boy and he reciprocated, but got distracted by mega-penis. Luckily, there was a cute Latino a foot or so from me who bent over to be fucked, and had his face land in my bush. He began to suck and gave me a raging hard on.  I was watching ginger boy, and soon mega penis withdrew. I seized my chance to fuck and entered ginger boy. I can't say how long it's been since I felt such a smooth, accommodating cunt, but this was out of this world. He pulled of me, and went to the bathroom. Simultaneously, Latin boy presented his ass to me, so I partook. It was fine, but nowhere near as smooth as ginger boy. I pulled out and found another hole. This guy felt warm and tight, but not as smooth as ginger boy. I ssaw from the corner of my eye ginger had walked out of the bathroom and into the kitchen. As he was grabbing a bottle of water, I put my hand on his arm and said, "I'm going to breed you" He took me by the hand into the living room and lube his hole. He got on his back and I slid into a slice of heaven. I pumped his hole, then rolled him on his side and continued to plow him. With the silkiness of his hole, and the audience we attracted, it wasn't long before I shot ribbons of cum up his cunt. I pulled out, kissed him, and drove home.
     Back in the first week of the year I had the chance to breed a hot, close by bottom boy. It was really pleasurable, and today I heard from him again. I asked if he had a load in him, and he said he'd try to get one before came over later in the afternoon. He made good on his promise. The one thing I love about this boy is that kissing is his favorite thing and he's REALLY good at it. He told me today he wanted me to breed him, so because I'm such a loving, giving, caring person, I said yes. I got there and he pulled me right into the bedroom. He began to passionately kiss me and gently feel me up. I, meanwhile, had slid my hand down into his hole. It was smooth and slick. I don't know how long we kissed, but it as quite a while. He sat on the bed, I pulled off my clothes, and he began to suck my cock. He's a fantastic cocksucker and he got me rock hard. I wasn't ready to fuck yet, so I slid him on the bed and began to suck him and feel his cunt. When the time was right, he pulled his knees to his shoulders, and I slid into him. For whatever reason, I was able to plow him more deeply than I can other men, and that added to both of our pleasures. I was also able to kiss as I fucked which really got me going. He kept calling me "Sir" and telling me how good I felt. I told him he felt great and he told me, "I'm yours whenever you need, Sir" That didn't make me unload, but it got me REALLY close. When I knew I couldn't hold back, I asked if he were ready, and he said, "Give me your load, Sir" It's awfully hard to refuse when someone asks so nicely. I plowed as deeply as I could and let loose, with us kissing the whole time. We spooned for a while afterward. While I was getting dressed, he said, "You like a hole with cum in it don't you?" I tried to explain why it felt better than lube, and he said he liked it better because it was "dirty and nasty". I think he's probably really piggy and I just don't know it. I wonder if I'll find out.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

2 Loads in 2 Days

Got to breed my cumdump neighbor Fri night. He texted me to let me know his 23 yr old stud had left a big load in him and wanted to know if I had any interest in sliding into stud's load. Of course, I had to say yes. Regular readers know I love sliding into a cummy hole. His cunt felt smooth and silky and as I was unloading, he milked my cock for all it was worth. I went home, brushed my teeth, and fell into a deep, blissful slumber. The next day, a hot cocksucker HMU on bbrt. I'd not tried this guy out before, and he had mad cocksucking skills. He knew all the right spots on my cock and exactly how to work them with his tongue. I shot a massive load down his throat and he swallowed every drop. Best part: I hadn't showered since the previous morning, so when my cocksucker got a mouth of cock, ass juice, and someone else's load from the previous night. My cumdump neighbor thought that was hot.