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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Feeders Paradise

A few weeks ago, I got a text from two buds of mine. The text said they had a "special guest cocksucker" over their house, and that I needed to get my ass over there. Now, these two guys have a glory hole set up in their place, and like to both work on one cock simultaneously. So, imagine my surprise when I get there, and I see THREE cocksuckers sitting on a bench in their family room, servicing five other cocks. I just had to get a piece of the action. Cocksucker number one had great technique; he'd lick the head of my cock, and the spot underneath where the head meets the shaft. As he was licking that spot, his fingers were caressing my balls. I was gonna blast if I let him continue, so I pulled out and let another feeder plug his throat. I moved over to cocksucker number two. Totally different technique than the first one. Number two would take my cock all the way down to my balls (not difficult since I'm an average six inches) and stay down on it. As he's impaled on my cock, he moved his tongue up and down the bottom of my shaft. It was an incredibly erotic feel. I couldn't let him continue, so I'd pull out and try to hold off. This continued for about five minutes until I pulled out and went to cocksucker number three. He used a combination of the techniques from cocksuckers one and two, but with a twist. He would pull off my cock, and start licking and sucking my balls. His special trick was to rub the back of my nuts with his hands as he's licking the front. He also loved rimming my hole. After spending time with him, I looked at my watch and realized I had to meet some friends for dinner. I decided that cocksucer two was gonna get my load. Fortunately, someone had just dumped down his throat. I slid my cock in, and felt the load coating his throat. As I was pumping his mouth, the guy who just shot started kissing me. Anyone who knows me knows that if you start kissing me while I'm getting blown, I ain't gonna last long. I tried to hold off, but the combination of the cum already in his mouth, his tongue on my shaft, and the tongue in my throat sent my over the edge. My three day load boiled up out of my nuts, and hit the back of the eater's throat. I kept my cock in his mouth, enjoying the feel of his tongue as he gently cleaned my cock. I thanked him and the hosts, pulled my pants up, and met my friends for dinner.


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