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Sunday, December 18, 2011


Going to a gh later this am. Hope there's lots of hot guys there getting sucked off.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Biggest in the room

Went to a small party last night. I'm only hung 6 in, but I was the biggest one in attendance. The action started when one of the guests, a fairly young Hispanic guy, sat in a chair, pulled out his cock and began to stroke. This made the host strip, stroke, and move over toward him. I followed suit, and as we were stroking, my fave blond bottom walked in. As he stripped, Latino boy got on his knees, and began to suck cock. He was pretty good at it, moving between all three of us, and getting two in his mouth at once. All of us took turns sucking, but at one point, I decided I wanted some blond ass. As he was bent over sucking Latino boy, I got behind him and put my cock between his legs. The host grabbed some lube, applied some to blondie's hole, and then began to lube my cock up. I gently slid inside blondie and began to pound. I took my time, and varied my strokes. I pulled out, and Latino boy decided he wanted a turn. He asked if we had condoms, and when told no, asked, "You guys are clean, right?" He then began to fuck blondie. He pulled out after a while, sat and stroked. Blondie had to answer his phone (Really? During a sex party?)and while he was doing so, Latino boy shot his load. I took his cum and rubbed it all over my cock. I LOVE using cum as lube. When blondie got off the phone, he came over to me, and asked if I wanted back in. He touched my cock, felt how slippery it was and said, "Yep, you want back in." I slid in and pounded away. This time, I didn't worry about shooting, since that was my goal. As I slid in and out of his hole, feeling Latio's cum on my cock, I felt a powerful orgasm building up. I began to shoot inside his hole, coating his guts with my and Latino boy's cum. I pulled out, cleaned off, and left.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I need to give 22 more loads and stroke out 15 to keep even with my load count from last year.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Loading up an ex

Was cruisin online yesterday when I saw one of my exes posting a "Sex Now" ad. I responded that if he had anyone coming over to load him up, let me know so I could join in the fun. About 45 minutes later, I was on my way over to his house. The guest who was already there was a man I'd never seen before. Kinda short, but with a great body and a killer cock. We began to play, and he was all over both of us, kissing, sucking cock, rubbing ass, etc. I got on my knees to suck him and was astonished by the girth of his tool. When it was time for the main event, he asked me if I wanted to be first. I told him to go ahead, since I wanted bottom boy to be loosened up. I don't like a hole that's uncomfortable tight. It took a while, but eventually, he was able to slide into bottom boy's hole and enjoy the ride. It was so hot to watch that thick cock slide in and out. It was even hotter to see the look on bottom boy's face as he was getting impaled by that monster. Big dick guy pulled out and told me to take a turn. I slid right in since he had already been loosened up. I began to thrust in and out, in and out until I could feel the inevitable. I sprayed my seed inside and pulled out. Big dick guy wanted the drop on cum on the tip of my cock, so I fed it to him. Then, I went into the bathroom to clean up, when I heard big dick guy telling bottom, "That cum in there feels so good on my cock." I love fucking a cum filled hole, and it was even hotter hearing someone appreciate how good my load felt on their rod. He fucked and fucked, until bottom boy shot his load. He then pulled out, and finished by shooting on bottom boy's chest. As we were laying around talking, I told him what a great cock and body he had. We began to talk about our ages, and he stunned me by saying he was going to be 60 soon. I would have guessed 45 or so, but no. I was elated by the fact that there was a 60 yr old man in front of me with a body that many 40 yr olds would kill for. It gladdens me to know that as I age, I can still be hot.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Quick BJ

Went to see a bud of mine last night. Haven't seen him in a few weeks, so I was game when he asked me to come over and unload. We kissed, hugged, rubbed each other, then he began to stroke my cock. As he was stroking me, his other hand caressed my balls and taint. He lovingly put his lips around my cock and I began to pump in and out. As I was doing so, he continued to gently rub my nuts, hole, and the sensitive space between them. All too soon, my nads were pressed against his chin as I unloaded down his throat.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Three Holes, Two Loads, One Breeding

One of my buds had a very small party last night. I was one of the first three guests to arrive; two more showed up about half an hour later. Game seven of the World Series was on, so while the guests were watching it, I took advantage of the time to begin making out with the host. We were standing in the living room kissing while I was caressing his hard, furry ass. I could see his cock hardening thru his basket ball shorts while mine was hardening while he was cupping mine. We adjourned to the bedroom where we both stripped. I got down and began sucking this man's beautiful cock, licking the head, nuzzling the shaft, and going all the way down to his balls. He pulled me off, and got on all fours on the bed. I rimmed that smooth pucker of his until he was moaning. I asked if he wanted my cock, and as soon as he said yes, I lubed up and eased in. It was so tight and warm I knew I had to pace myself. When I was in all the way, he clenched his hole tightly, sending shivers of pleasure down my cock to the base of my spine. I began a slow, steady rhythm enjoying the smooth walls of his chute. When I pushed in, he'd loosen his hole and then tighten it on the way out. It was brilliant. I kept up, trying to vary my speed and angle cuz I didn't want to shoot too soon. But, I began to feel the inevitable, and realized I couldn't hold back. I wrapped my arms around him and asked if he wanted my load. He said, "Yes, fill me up. I wanna feel your cum." I blasted inside him, pushing as deeply as I could to make sure this breeding took. When I slowly slid out, I could see a little bit of my sperm oozing out. HOT!!

As I walked into the living room, one of the guests asked me if I had finished. I said the host was freshly seeded, and was ready for more. At this point the doorbell rang, so the host got dressed and opened it. It was another guest, an Hispanic guy that throws some pretty decent parties. Shorty thereafter, the doorbell rang, and the final guest arrived. We were all watching the game when someone mentioned that this was supposed to be a sex party. Since I was the only still naked one, I affirmed that statement and the guests went into the bedroom. I watched tv for a bit, since I wasn't really ready for round two yet. After a bit, I walked into the bedroom and saw an all out orgy. I walked around for a bit, and saw a bud getting fucked. Usually he tops,and he loves to suck me off, but I'd never had his hole before. The fucking him pulled out and asked if I wanted a turn. I slid right in and was quite impressed. He fucked him for a bit before sliding into the Latin boy's hole. He's got a great hole, but it always seems a little rough; not silky smooth the way I like it. I then reentered the host's hole, but since he'd taken three loads already, he wasn't in the mood. So, I sat up in the bed, watching my cocksucker buddy get pounded. As he was getting fucked, his fucker was asking if he needed a load, did he want to get bred, did he like cum. This kind of talk always gets me horny. I was watching, listening, and jacking off at the same time. The fucker asked again if my bud needed some seed. As he said yes, I began to shoot. The fucker said, "Nice! Here cums my load." It was hot to shoot my load at the same time my bud was getting bred.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Who gets my load tonight?

Going to a party tonight, and three of my favorite bottoms are gonna be there. I wonder which one of them is gonna get my load.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Small Party

Went to a small party on Sunday evening. The email said to go to the studio in the back yard. I opened the door and was greeted by a bent over man who was getting plowed. I entered the building, but it was so small that the the or twelve people in there made it VERY crowded. I got undressed and moved to a corner of the room, where I ran into a bud of mine. He was just sitting, and watching. I asked him how much cum he had in him, he smiled and told me one load. I turned around and was presented with the hole belonging to the man who greeted me. He was a little to tall for me, because as soon as I slipped in, I'd pull out and come out all the way. I put more lube on my cock, and tried again. He bent over further to put on his shoes (really) and I slid right in. His hole felt great, but I knew it wasn't gonna make me cum. Since it was late and I had to work the next day, I decided to find a hole, breed it, and leave. Soon enough, a young Latino bent over in front of me and asked me to fuck him. I eased my cock in and knew my load had found a dumping ground. I pumped his hole for about 5 minutes and without saying anything, bred him deeply. As I was getting dressed, he asked, "Did you cum in me?"

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Return of My Favorite Cumdump

I've written about this guy countless times before, but it bears repeating. This man has the smoothest, silkiest hole I've ever plowed. He was dating someone for while, but now that's over, and he's back to his slutty ways. I went over to a bud's house last night, and there he was, tied down to a fuck bench, getting plowed by what turned out to be a nine inch uncut monster that was super thick with a great set of bull balls attached. I asked if he liked the hole he was plowing and he replied that the previous week that hole "milked two loads outta me." I guess he liked the hole :) He pulled out and let me have a go. By this time I was rock hard since bottom boy had been sucking me, and when I slid in, I knew I never wanted to leave. I slid in and out, altering my pace and position to maximize/minimize the friction. As I pulled out, I noticed the word "loads" and two hash marks on bottom boy's shoulder. I asked the host who the second load was, and he said it was him. Usually, he gets to dump the first and last loads in bottom boy, but he was beaten to the punch by a guest who had already left. I returned to my favorite hole, determined to be load three. As I reentered his hole, I leaned over him, kissed his back and asked him if he wanted my load. As soon as he said yes, I began pumping hard. When nine inch uncut monster said, "Breed that cunt" I fired a volley of cum deep in the best hole ever. I took the marker, and proudly added hash mark three to the load count. I stayed long enough to watch a new arrival feel the magic of this hole, and long enough for nine inch uncut monster to unload in the hole, and add the fourth hash mark.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I've been a horny bastard

Monday, I went to a bud's house to participate in a gangbang of a new bottom. He plays safe only, and I'm ok with that. I got there on time, and there were already three horny tops playing with bottom boy. We took turns kissing, caressing, sucking etc, and some of us got to fuck. I didn't get to fuck bottom boy cuz the host was sucking my cock and before I could pull him off, I began to shoot my load. Host turned around and had me finish spewing in his hole.
Last night, I went to a bud's gh. He had a guest cocksucker who was one of the best I've ever had. I was his fourth load of the night.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Three Way

Instead of me doing the dumping of the sorta BF, he beat me to the punch on Thur. With that in mind, I headed over to a bud's house for a cocksucking. When I got there, I heard the shower running, and my bud said not to worry. He began giving my head, licking my cock in the bottom, right where the head meets the shaft. It was fantastic. He licked and nuzzled my balls, and I wanted to shoot badly. But, I still kept hearing the shower, and wanted to see who was in there, and if he were gonna join us. My bud kept edging me for about 10 minutes until the water stopped. I heard whoever it was get out of the shower, towel off, brush teeth, all while watching the door as my bud kept edging me. I kept holding off, wanting to see mystery man, when I heard the other door to the bathroom open, then heard the front door open, then close. I blasted my load deep down his throat, knowing a three way wasn't gonna happen.
Yesterday, I was texting a bud of mine and he told me he had a bottom coming over to fuck. I told him I was looking to get sucked and he told me to come over. When I got there, he and his bottom boy were in bed together kissing, feeling each other up. I stripped, and got into the action. We both attacked my bud's cock, licking, slurping, nuzzling, and generally slobbing all over him. His bottom bud then went down on me. What a fucking throat!! My eyes musta rolled back in my head, cuz my bud said, "Great head, huh?" All I could do was grunt. My bud decided it was time to fuck. He turned bottom boy to the side of the bed, put him on all fours and began plowing him. I was letting bottom suck my cock and got into the same rhythm as my bud, so we were going into and out of bottom boy at the same time. I couldn't hold off, and told him I was gonna blow. As I was, my bud was telling bottom boy, "Take that load. Take every drop of his cum." He surely did. We laid around for a bit, and I realized it was getting late and had to leave. As I left, my bud was balls deep in bottom boy's hole.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Three Mouths in One Day

Got up Monday am HORNY as hell. Answered a CL ad with two guys wanting to suck cock. When I got there, I was greeted by a white guy and an Hispanic one. White guy went down on me first and was incredible. His BF sucked on me for a while, but when his phone rang he went to answer it. White guy continued to blow me. Hispanic guy's phone call ended and he came up behind me saying, "Cum in his mouth; he loves it." I asked white guy if he wanted my load and he grunted, "Yes." I dumped a huge load in him, and he licked the drip off the top my cock.
My next blowjob was later in the day. I answered a bbrts ad and headed over to his house. He had me sit on his rimchair and ate my ass while I jacked off. When I told him I was going to shoot, he got on his knees and swallowed my sperm.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Much Needed BJ

As I blogged in my previous post, I haven't gotten any sex from this new guy I've been seeing. Now that I have connected all the dots, I know that I'm probably not gonna get it from him because he'd rather party. So, with a heavy heart, I gotta end it. That will happen in the next day or two.
I did go to a bud's house and get blown. He was supposed to have a cocksucker over to service both of us, but the dude flaked. So, it was just the two of us. He LOVES to suck cock and is damn good at it. He fellated me for about 10 min before I dumped a load in his mouth. He came up and kissed me. Love the taste of cum on a man's tongue.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

BJ that turned into HJ/JO

So, I've been a little frustrated recently. I've kinda been seeing someone, but there hasn't been any sex yet for a multitude of reasons, none of which has anything to do with not being attracted to each other. I got online Sunday and explained my predicament to one of my FBs. He told me to come over and he would blow me. This guy gives one of the best blowjobs in TX, so I ALWAYS agree when he invites me over. I got over there, we drank a beer, then he got down to business. He was slobbering all over my knob, licking the shaft, gently nuzzling my balls, and being a great cocksucker when I saw him put a dollop of lube in his mouth. He told me that it made his mouth even slipperier, and that was what made him such a great cocksucker. He then went on to tell me that each time he'd blown me, he'd put lube in his mouth. I don't know if that's true, because I've been over there at least 20 - 25 times, and I seriously doubt I'd miss that. He goes back down on me and sure enough, the head is amazing. I'm watching him stroke himself off and decide to help him out. As I'm stroking his penis, he pulled off mine and began to stroke it with his hand. Somehow, this felt even better than being fellated. He kept bringing me to the edge, and stopping. He did this three times before I knocked his hand away, relubed my hand and stroked myself off to a huge four day load. It shot out and landed on my hand and belly. Being the good cumhound that he is, he licked it off my hands, my belly, and whatever remains were sliding down my cock into my balls. I haven't had that much fun jacking off in about 29 years.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Glory Hole Service

Answered a CL ad today. Guy was opening his gh to all cummers. I answered the ad because he put a picture of himself on his ad. I don't know if the picture really were him, but the guy in the pic was cute, so... I went over and just as the ad promised, it was easy and fast. I stuck my cock through the hole and he went to work. In just a few minutes, I was shooting a two day load down his appreciative throat. He didn't let up on me while I was cumming which was kinda disturbing to me since I get so sensitive when I cum. After I pulled out, he stuck his cock thru the hole. I stroked it a few times and left.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Load Update

It's been a while since I updated, so here's a recap of my last four loads. Went to a party last night. The guest list was 65 people, but as usual, not even half that many showed up. I got to the house, stripped, and went into the play room. Two bottoms were getting plowed; one was bent over leaning against the wall, the other was in a sling. Some guy started blowing me, and as soon as I was hard, I walked over to the bottom leaning against the wall. He began sucking me off, and when the doorbell rang, the host pulled out of his hole and I rammed in. What a tight cunt that was... I fucked for a few minutes then pulled out cuz it was too early to knock anyone up. I turned my sights to the sling, where the bottom was waiting for a cock. I obliged by entering his hole. Warm, slick, made for cum. Again, I had to pull out for fear of early ejaculation. As there were only two bottoms, it was easy to decide who I was gonna inseminate. I went back over to the first bottom, lined up my cock with his hole and plowed away. As I unloaded in him, he told me I was his first load of the night.
Earlier this week, a regular of mine came over. He ate my ass for ten minutes, then began sucking my cock. I rewarded him with a four day load.
The previous load was given to another regular about one week prior. The fourth (or first) load of this post was given to a guy I've fucked before. He and someone else hosted a party at a local hotel. There were two bottoms and six tops. I was his first load of the evening since he kept asking for my load and asking how hot his hole was the entire time I was fucking him.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Overdue Blowjob

Went to see a bud today. I haven't seen him in months, and after the great blowjob he gave me, I need to reevaluate why it's been so long between visits.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

4 Days, 2 Loads

Went to a party on July 4. Been to his house several times, always a good time. Although 33 people had confirmed, only about 10 showed up. I unloaded in a hot Latino that I'd never seen before. I tried to give the host a load, but the first one wore me out. As I was leaving the building a saw a bud of mine walking in. He told me on Tuesday that he'd been fucked at the party, but didn't take anyone's load. He shot in the same guy I creamed. I wish I had stayed longer; I've never seen him take cock up the ass before.
Got hit up by a guy today who wanted me to feed him my load. I got there and he was better looking than his pix. He gave me a great suck, and took my entire load, as he promised he would. He told me I was load #12 today. What a slut!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Hot Load in a Hot Hole

Went to a bud's house last night for a gangbang of his boy. When I got to the apt, the boy answered the door. I'd fucked him before, but he was on a fuckbench, and was wearing a blindfold, so I didn't really have a good idea of what he looked like. Damn, this boy was good looking. He stood about 6ft 4 in, light brown hair, beautiful face, taut, smooth, muscular body. I knew it was him because I recognized the tattoos. I went into the living room, and a guy sitting on the couch was stroking his cock that he had pulled out of the fly of his jeans. The boy went over to him and began to suck his cock. The guy on the couch told me to have a seat, and "Join the fun" He and I began to rub each other's chests as I stroked myself to full mast. He then told the boy, "Suck his cock and make him feel welcome>" Damn, this boy was a good cocksucker. He alternated between us for about 10 minutes as other guests filed into the party. At this point, the man sitting next to me said, "I need to fuck some ass." Boy said, "Let's do it," and the three of us went into the play room. Boy got on the fuck bench and the bud from the couch lubed up and entered him. He told me how great the hole felt, and that if he kept it up, he'd shoot. He pulled out and I took my turn. Words don't describe what this man's hole felt like. Tight, silky, warm are some of the adjectives that come to mind. I knew I'd blow if I stayed in too long, so my bud and I alternated. At one point, another guest came into the play room and my bud told him to take a turn since the two of us were so close. This was great, because now there were three of us tag teaming him instead of two. I had to take a break because I knew I'd dump my load too fast. I went into the living room just as a new guest arrived. He was very unremarkable except for possessing the thickest cock I've ever seen. He walked into the playroom and I followed right behind. He first began to fuck one of the guests who had taken up residence in the sling, then slipped over into the boy. After fucking the boy for a while, my bud went over to boy and fucked him some more. I asked if the thick cock had loosened him up, but he said, "No, it's as tight as before." Naturally, I had to see for myself, and sure enough it was. I then went over to the sling and slid my cock in his hole. It didn't feel nearly as good as the boy's did. I alternated between fucking the boy and relaxing in the living room, as there were now about ten or fifteen people there, and I was sure the boy's hole would be filed to capacity. I went into the playroom again, and had the boy suck me. I pulled him of because I was so close; he said "Go ahead and breed my hole. You can always fill me with a second load." With an attitude like that, I couldn't refuse and worked my way to his hole. I slid it in and began pistoning away, while he was asking for my seed, begging me to shoot in him. This attracted lots of attention, and I then began getting encouragement from the other men. I thrusted in one more time as I felt my seed shoot deep into his guts as his ass muscles squeezed and massaged all the semen out of my cock. I was load number one in him. As the evening progressed and I alternated between the play room and the living room, I was getting updates on how many loads he'd taken. When he was up to five, I decided to try again. He sucked my cock to full erection and I fucked him relentlessly, but couldn't ejaculate. I tried again after he was filled with load nine using nothing but the loads in ther for lube, but to no avail. Too bad, cuz his hole felt better the more spunk that was up there.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Anon Hole

Bud set up an anon pump and dump with a hot, tatted up 30 yr old. I got to the hotel and there were six other men there, but they weren't really playing with the bottom. We were sucking each other, giving each other hand jobs when one of the men broke rank and began to fuck the bottom. I don't known if he came inside him, but after seeing him get fucked I decided it was my turn. I mounted him, fucked him rapidly, shot, and dismounted. I got dressed and left. I would have stayed for another round, but had just come from work, and was exhausted.p

Thursday, June 30, 2011

World's Worst Trick

Last week, I got hit up by a guy on BBRTS. He wanted me to come over so he could blow me. He emailed me, "I want your load." His pictures were great. Tall (6ft 3in), buffed, tatted, and ripped. Who was I to say no? When I got there he was in the shower, and I could tell something was off. He told me he'd only been partying for about 20 minutes, but his actions indicated otherwise. He gets out of the shower, goes in his bedroom, and asks me what I like to do. I gave him the entire list, but thought to myself, "Didn't we already agree on this?" He got on his stomach and I began to eat his ass. He then told me he wanted to fuck me. He rolled me over, started rubbing on me, and saying weird stuff, like, "Do you love me?" I endured this for about five minutes, then wriggled myself out from underneath him, and got dressed. As I was getting dressed, he implored me to come back telling me he would get me off. I walked out, never to go back again. It's a shame cuz, if things had worked out, I could definitely see myself having a regular thing with him. This boy is smokin' hot, but way too tweaky for me.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Pump and Dump

Got an email from a bud saying, "I want your load, sir." I hopped in the car, and drove over. When I got to his place, he got on his knees and started sucking my cock and licking my balls. I told him to get on the bed, and lay on his back. I slid into his warm hole, pumped about 20 times and shot into his gut. I got dressed and left.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Hot Anonymous Blowjob

Saw an ad on CL this week that read in part, "blindfolded cocksucker will take any load I tell him to. I'm making him my sex slave." I answered his ad, we set it up, and we were good to go. I showed up at the appointed time, and the cocksucker was on his knees sucking a blond man's cock. When I got undressed, the guy who set this up (a very hot Latino) told me to "Make him take it all." I did. He was then told to lick my ass. As he licked my ass, the blond was sucking my cock and making me edge. I began kissing the Latino, and had to pull the blond off my cock. The three of us took turns fucking the cocksucker's face, tag teaming his mouth. I decided enough was enough, so I began to fuck his face, telling him how it was like a hot asshole and I was gonna dump my load in him. Encouraged by the other two men there, I shot a copious load in his throat. I started getting dressed as I watched the other two take their turns with him. I wanna do this again.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Follow me on Twitter

Just got a Twitter acct. Follow me!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekend Sex

Went to a party on Fri night. Had fun; only five out of 25 respondents showed up. I fucked the host for a while, then pulled out for a minute cuz I didn't want to shoot. When I was lubing up to reenter his hole, I shot on his hole before I could shove my cock in. So, I guess it was a wasted load. I shot again watching him get banged by a bud of mine.
Sat I went to another party where I walked in and the host was getting banged by two other guys. Nobody there was hot, so I shoved my cock in the hosts's mouth and shot my load while he was getting fucked. I left immediately after cumming.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Gang Breeding

Went to a gang bang last Fri night. There were two bottoms and multiple tops. I had to be at work early on Sat, so couldn't play too long. Of the two bottoms, the one on the fuck bench was the more attractive. I slid my cock in, pumped, and dumped my load. I went to the living room to talk, then walked back into the dungeon. When I looked in, one of the tops was felching the bottom I didn't fuck. It was hot, cuz I'd never seen live felching before, only on video. It was totally cool to see.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Quicky BJ

Got blown on a Thursday nite; I dumped my entire 4 day load down his throat. He got off his knees, and said, "Damn, that was good."

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Made a vid of a bud blowing me a few days ago. Still waiting for him to send it to me. I hadn't shot in a few days, so the load I dumped in him was huge. Hope he sends it to me soon.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Four Loads

Went to a sex party last Sunday. I got to load up an old bf of mine. He had just been fucked by someone else, and when I slid my cock in his hole, I knew I wasn't gonna last long. Sure enough, I whispered to him that I was gonna breed him, and he said, "Go for it.' 45 minutes later, I was dumping load 2 into the hole of a guy I've played with on and off for the past few years, but had never fucked before. Friday I shot while watching "1000 Load Fuck". Then on the following Saturday, I was getting my cock sucked by a suck bud of mine, and unloaded down his warm waiting throat.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Question for my readers

Went to a sex party this afternoon, fucked a guy while I was wearing a condom. I shot inside the condom. Does this count as a wasted load, is it considered under the "Given anally" category, or is it another category altogether?

Monday, April 11, 2011

Falling off the wagon

After testing HIV - back in Feb, I made a pact to myself to not bareback anymore. I fell off the wagon when I went to a pump and dump on Fri. If you've read my blog, you know that pump and dump isn't my thing, but this time it worked. I slid in, felt the four loads already in the bottom and enjoyed the ride until I spewed inside him.

I also tried out a new cocksucker last night. He was incredible, and less than two blocks from me. I'll definitely be back to have him suck me off.

Monday, April 4, 2011


There's a guy on Manhunt that's been hitting on me for quite some time. Yesterday, we were finally able to coordinate. He told me he wanted to service my cock orally and that he's been dying to take my load. Here's a transcript of our conversation:
He Wrote: Let me eat your cock and load!

I Wrote: Hey stud, not looking for now :( I bet you'd love swallowing every drop of my sperm...

He Wrote: Yes sir, I would. I swear, I wouldn't stop sucking on your hot cock until you pulled it out of my mouth. When you are looking, please, consider me. I'm in the ------ building. I'm here to serve you at your pleasure.

I Wrote: You ever suck multiple cocks. It'd be hot to see you blowing a group of hot cocks and take all their loads.

He Wrote: I'm not opposed to that, but I can only do white, latino or asian guys. Gotta be honest, I don't have any regular dudes. But if you had some buds you wanted me to suck off, I'd gladly do so, just to eat your cum.

He gives me his address with directions on how to get in, etc, and types. "The door will be open, I'll be waiting for you, on my knees, mouth open" PERFECT! I get there an sure enough, he's blindfolded, on his knees, with porn playing on the flat screen. The porn, interestingly enough is of two blindfolded men servicing a room full of hard cocks. Very hot. Let me say this, this boy knows how to suck a cock. He lovingly licked and fondled my balls, licked and sucked the head and shaft of my cock; he basically me love to my penis. It was awesome. I lasted about 10 minutes, but than had to blast. I pulled his head in closer, and shot my three day load as deeply as I could in his mouth. He got every drop, and complimented me on what a good cocksman I was, all the time remaining blindfolded. When I got home, there was an email from him:

He wrote: DUDE! That was fantastic! Your cock is the perfect fit for my mouth and throat!Anytime you want to, just let me know. I'm your cock slave!

I wrote: You are a fantastic cocksucker. I'll definitely be back for some more head. I can't wait to feed you my load again.

He Wrote:I thoroughly enjoyed your cock, your balls, the way you directed me to serve you for your pleasure. I'm glad I was able to please you. And thanks for that last taste of your load off of your finger tips. Icing on the cake! I can't wait to have you in my mouth again. I'm gonna jack off tonight thinking about how good your dick felt in my mouth, especially when it was pumping the cum down my throat!

I Wrote: Nice. I hope you liked the taste of my seed.

He Wrote: OH YEAH! Craving more of it already!

This am, I wrote: Did u dump a big load thinking about my sperm sliding down your throat?

He Wrote: Yes I did! I edged myself, reliving your dick in my mouth, your hips humping my face and then finally the pulsing of your dick as you shot your hot, tasty seed deep into my throat. Man, i didn't want to stop. I would've sucked it again to get even more. I really like your cock and seed.

I think this one may be a keeper. Any thoughts, readers?

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wasted load or not?

I went over to a guy who advertised himself as a cocksucker. I got there and sure enough he got on his knees and began to suck me. I was sitting in a chair, and I felt his tongue go under and behind my balls. I moved to give him easier access and the fun began. This guy ate ass like nobody's business. he turned himself around so he was lying face up on the floor and pulled my ass towards his mouth. He then began to chow down like a dog who hadn't eaten in a week. He just kept sticking his tongue further and further in my hole and I was loving every minute of it. He lubed up his hand and began stroking himself. He also began stroking me. He was teasing my hole and my cock, so I took control of my cock. It felt like heaven, feeling my hand stroke my cock and feel his goatee against my hole. I couldn't hold off and shot all over myself while he was eating. He then dumped a load all over his belly. My question to you readers is, "Does this count as a wasted load, or not?" Let me know your thoughts.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Return of an old regular

A few weeks ago I got hit up by an old regular who LOVES to swallow my load. He came over again yesterday, and we had a great time. The sex is always predictable, but in a good way. He always starts by kissing me, then eats my ass. He likes it so much that he usually works it for about 20 or so minutes. He then turns me around and begins to give me mind blowing head. As he's sucking my cock, he's stroking his own tool. He unloads on my belly or cock, then uses it as lube to jack me for a bit before resuming sucking. And yesterday, as always, I shot a huge load into his mouth and he swallowed every drop. He's a feeder's dream cum true.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Private GH

There was post on CL today advertising a private GH that was going to be up all day. I got the address and headed over. When I got there, a HOT, tatted up guy was getting serviced. I think he was married, cuz he had what looked like a wedding ring on his left hand. He was pumping away at the cocksucker, groaning and grunting until he finally unloaded. He pulled out, turned around and let me see his cock. It was magnificent. A bit of an upward curve, large mushroom head, nice set of balls. He zipped up, I unzipped and stuck my cock into the hole. This man knew how to suck cock. I shot within 5 minutes. I think I need to back to him and let him suck me again.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Load Update

As you read in my previous post, I've been out of commission for a while, but I'm back in the game now. I'm gonna give you the 411 on the two days preceding Valentine's Day, and last night's events.
On Feb 12, I went to a gangbang hosted by one of my buds. There were two bottoms at the event; one muscle bear on his back in the sling, and a smooth, swimmer's body tatted up cumdump that I've loaded too many times to count. Each man's hole feels really good, but each hole feels totally different. I was having a great time enjoying the different feel of each by alternating fucking each one of them. I dumped my first load in the musclebear because he told me he'd already gotten three loads and was telling me to breed him. Nothing makes me hotter than a man asking for my load, so I obliged him. I rested up for about 30 minutes then decided it was time for tat boy to take my load. He was strapped down to a fuck bench with his sweet, hairless hole exposed to about 10 horny tops. When it was my turn, I entered him in one smooth thrust, then began to pound away at his hole. As usual, the velvet smoothness of his hole removes any self restraint I may possess, and makes me dump a big load in his willing, cum lubed chute.
Last night I went to another party hosted by a different bud. He has friends over for dinner, then the turn the party into an orgy, I got there right when the action was starting and was struck by a man I had seen last time I was there bud didn't get to play with. He's probably 6'3", bearded, nice body and kinda hairy. Not really my type, but hot nonetheless. We played for a while, sucking and jacking each other, then wandered off to see other people. We kept reuniting, and separating through the evening until we were in a triad, jacking each other off. I shot first, my load ending up in a nice puddle on the carpet. Beard boy shot next, covering the chest of a guy who was on his knees in front of him. He shot a nice, big load. I got dressed, and went to party number two.
When I got to party number two, there were three other guys there including the muscle bear from the gangbang several weeks ago. This time however, he was in total top mode. So, there were four tops, all boned up without a bottom. Musclebear and his boyfriend decide to leave, so the last top asks if he can suck my cock. I tell him he can, but only if he's gonna swallow my cum. He says he wants my load, so he sucks my cock, and I dump my load in him. I get dressed and leave.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Cross Roads

I find myself at a junction and am not sure which road to take. I woke up on Valentine's Day with a very sore penis and realized that I had the clap. I went to the clinic, got the shot and pills and was fine by Wednesday morning. I went in on Feb 24 to get test results and came back negative for a whole range of STDs, including HIV. I feel as though I dodged a bullet, but part of me says that coming up negative after two or three years of being a bareback top shows that as a top, my risk of infection isn't something to be worried about. I'm not sure if I'm rationalizing, or if there's something to it. Any thoughts?

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cold Weather Fuck

Went to bud's house yesterday to drink beer and fuck. He's got a great hole and loves me unloading in him. He's always clean, ready, and eager to please. Sliding into his hole is like sliding into satin sheets.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Yet Another Party

Went to a dungeon party on Sat nite, and had a great time. Not too many people showed, but there was a good enough crowd and good enough selection of men to dump in. I started by sliding into the waiting hole of a bottom getting plowed in the dressing room. I had done a tour of the facility and went back into the dressing room to get a beer out of my bag when I saw the bottom getting plowed. The top pulled out and said, "Give him a try." He had a nice hole and we switched off for about 10 min. I went on to other things. I walked around and saw a buff bottom taking it up the ass while a small group watched him. As he was getting plowed, he told the guy fucking him, "Yeah, breed me!" The top did and I took over when he pulled out. I began pounding him and became very verbal which he told me the next day he really liked. As I was plowing him, I kept asking if he wanted my load, and when I was ready to shoot, I said, "Here it cums cumdump, take that load. You want it, don't you?" When he said, "Go ahead stud, load me up." I shot my load deep in him.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Another Party

Sunday, the day after the party in the previous post, was another party. I'd been to one of this guy's parties before, and had a great time. This time, there was a problem with the security system in the lobby, so only a few of the registered attendees showed up. No matter, though, cuz the host and some of the guests were fine. One of the guests was a fuck buddy of mine from about 10 years ago. We'd played steadily for about six months (although anal sex was never on the menu then) and then he got a boyfriend, so those shenanigans stopped. Since then, we've seen each other at parties over the past few months, and played before, but this night I was determined that I was gonna give him my load. He was bent over a table in the living room taking a nice, seven inch cock, when the guy banging him pulled out and let me try. I slowly eased in, enjoying the warm, enveloping walls of his chute. He took a hit of poppers, and really loosened up. I pumped him for a bit, but pulled out because I wanted this to last. By this time, a few more guests had arrived, so we were up to about ten men. I walked into the bedroom, and a bud I had driven over to the party was pounding a hot bottom. Juan pulled out and gave me a turn. His hole was nice, but I was saving my cum for my old fuckbud. At some point, he made it to the bedroom as I was leaving to the living room. I sat, and watched a few guys fucking, and returned to the bedroom. Juan was now fucking my old bf on all fours. He was pounding that ass, and told him to turn over. He rolled over on his back and Juan resumed the fuck. Juan knew where I wanted to plant my load, and graciously pulled out. I mounted my old fb and began my journey to bliss. By this time, I had been edging for about an hour, and was super close. I was sliding in and out when I felt my nuts begin to boil, and my load began to explode. I didn't say anything and tried to keep quiet since I wasn't sure if he wanted my load or not. I finished cumming, pulled out, and went to the bathroom.
I went back into the living room and was talking to friend when he mentioned that the host had some cum leaking out of his ass, and was going to the bathroom to clean it up. I followed him in, and asked why he was cleaning it off. He said that it was embarrassing, and gross. I told him that tops LOVE when a hole is dripping cum since it's a great lube, and to show my appreciation, slid my cock in and pumped him a few times. I could smell the semen on my penis when I pulled out. I took him out to the living room, and had Juan confirm to him that tops love cum for lube. I can't believe this bottom had never been told that. Anyway, I went back into the bedroom and two Latinos were taking it up the ass from assorted guests. I tried out both holes, but was unable to seed either one, despite words of encouragement from both. Went home, got up the next day, horny as hell, and got a stellar blow job from a regular cocksucker of mine.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Pump and Dump, Brand New Hole

One of my buds was having a pump and dump at one of his friend's houses. I'd never been to one before, and didn't know what to expect. I followed the email instructions and walked into the garage. He was on all fours, blindfolded, with a Treasure Island video showing on the television. I dropped my pants and had him suck me to get me hard. When I was ready, i walked around to his hole, but couldn't get it hard enough to enter his hole. I realized then that the pump and dump thing wasn't for me. I told him, "It ain't gonna happen," and left.
I was texted earlier in the day about a party a bud of mine was having later that night. I decided that since I hadn't shot a load at the pump and dump that I was going to leave a load later that night at the party. When I got to the party, the nine guys there had already started playing. I walked in, stripped, and the host began giving me head. When I was fully hard, he said, "We've got nice hole waiting just for you" He guided me over to the bed, and there was a smooth, lean bottom face down on the bed with some guy eating out his hole. I lubed up, and slid my cock in his waiting hole. Smooth, slick, warm, and inviting are the words I would use to describe this man's hole. I pulled out, since I didn't want to unload too soon. Played with a few cocks, but really wanted to cum, since it had been seven days since my last load. I climbed back on the warm hole, and plunged in balls deep, He groaned, tellinng me how much he wanted my sperm inside him. I pumped about ten more times, then sprayed my seed all over the walls of his hole. Satisfied, I pulled out, cleaned up, and went home.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

First Hole of the Year

My bud who usually hosts the hot gangbangs put up a post saying he had a hot bottom strapped to the fuck bench, blindfolded, and was taking all loads. When I saw the bottom's screenname, I jumped in the car immediately. He's a buff, former Marine. He blew me a few times several years ago, but since then ignores all my emails, party requests, and any other communiques. So, this was a perfect chance to get what I wanted. When I got there, he was being banged by some guy who couldn't come, so I stripped, lubed up, and got on that hole. NICE HOLE!! I pumped and as I was pumping, he was milking me with his hole. It was a fantastic feeling, so fantastic in fact that I quickly dumped in him. I wonder if I should email him and thank him?